AVG free yes or no?

  Taw 21:15 07 Jun 2003

Thanks Martin TB I got urs on the last thread. Just doin a quick survey. I currently use AVG free, is this enough to keep me safe or should I upgrade to a paid service? pros and cons please and of course nothing beats experience!

  spuds 21:24 07 Jun 2003

I have used AVG, the freebie version for ages. It as never let me down, and I would fully recommend it to others without doubt.I think that you will find many others who use this forum, also rate AVG as a good device.

  Taw 21:33 07 Jun 2003

thanks spuds I've gathered that as the opinion in this forum and have always been happy with it, but every now and then someone sets an alarm ringing and then I panic a little, so always nice for a little reassurance

  Gandalph 21:39 07 Jun 2003

I've used AVG since Noah watched the Ark sink. At the same time though, you have to use your head a little. It's no good expecting any Antivirus Software to keep Virus's off your computer as they might not all be up to date as and when new Virus's are released. Therefor I would still say to people if you have an e-mail comes in that you do not recognise who it is from give it the right click and delete treatment.

  Taw 21:44 07 Jun 2003

thanks for that Gandalph. I know that my question does the rounds on this forum, but it does no harm to keep up to speed with some of the good advice you folks give.

  Belatucadrus 22:16 07 Jun 2003

Look at the Virus Bulletin tests for AVG on XP Pro, for June 2003, it's just got the 100% rating click here and PC Plus click here rate it pretty well, so I would say it's OK.

  TBH1 22:23 07 Jun 2003

yup - - avg for me

  Mango Grummit 00:11 08 Jun 2003

Have I misunderstood your first link? The way I've read it, it only passed twice out of twenty one attempts.

I know when I had it, it proved to be unreliable but even I hadn't supposed it was that bad but as you seem to be recommending it with your link I guess I've missed the point. Doubtless someone will be quick to explain.

  Taw 00:30 08 Jun 2003

sorry mango was not reccomending anything. I have AVG free and have done for a while with no probs. But every so often someone pops up with that old "A virus just killed me routine" so I'm looking opinions on what is best.
ie: is AVG free ok or not? if not what should I get and should I pay for it. Martin tb recons you get what u pay for therefore free=probs. Not what others say, so I'm open to suggestion and I consider this forum the best, therefore I'm interested in all opinions so as I can then make a considered decision.

  Taw 00:33 08 Jun 2003

and again mang sorry your mess was directed at Bel and I jumoped in to soon but appreciate all the input

  Stan 00:41 08 Jun 2003

Dare I ask a question as I cannot get AVG to respond to my e-mails.

Does AVG, Free Edition, work with Windows XP set to NTFS or does the Profession edition?

A friend currently has AVG with Windows XP but gets a message that it cannot access Drive C. The Computer Company's help line suggested that AVG MAY not recognise NTFS!!

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