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  jonem81 14:20 25 Jan 2013

I have been using AVG anti-Virus for many months now, but I must have agreed to an add-on a few days ago which I believe is causing something called "AVG Secure Search" to overide my homepage (virginmedia.com). It's not serious, but it is a nuisance. I have looked at the "Start Up" programs in MSCONFIG, but I am not sure which one to disable. Can anyone help please?


  Chronos the 2nd 14:43 25 Jan 2013
  johndrew 14:44 25 Jan 2013

This tells you how to uninstall AVG Secure Search.

  Chronos the 2nd 15:10 25 Jan 2013


  Secret-Squirrel 18:04 25 Jan 2013

"something called "AVG Secure Search" to overide my homepage"

That new homepage is just a re-branded Google page. The main difference is that AVG rates the safety of the sites (using traffic-light type icons) listed when you search for something. If you try to go to a risky site then AVG will warn you before your browser takes you there. The same applies if "AVG Secure Search" is the default search engine for your browser's Search box top-right. Some folks might agree that that bit of extra security is a good thing.

If you simply want your homepage to revert back to how it was, then for Internet Explorer, click the "Tools" button and go to Internet Options, delete what's currently in the "Homepage" window and type the address of your favourite homepage. Click OK when done.

  jonem81 21:46 25 Jan 2013

Chronos the 2nd



Many thanks to you all!

After a short test, it seems OK.


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