AVG Free Edition - New Beta Available

  Pesala 17:15 10 Sep 2004

click here

"It is our pleasure to introduce the first BETA release of the completely new generation of AVG Free Edition. Register now and try the new version of the famous product."

  Pesala 17:27 10 Sep 2004

Program Download 8.90 Megabytes

PDF Manual 716 Kbytes

Register your name and email address, respond to confirmation email, download, get license number.

  Pesala 17:28 10 Sep 2004
  Djohn 17:42 10 Sep 2004

Downloaded and installed. First impression looks good. j.

  Pesala 17:57 10 Sep 2004

I couldn't find an answer to that question yet. Do we need to uinstall AVG 6.0 first or just install over the top? Is there a roll-back if the beta proves troublesome?

  zebbydog 18:10 10 Sep 2004

in listings

  Djohn 18:50 10 Sep 2004

It will find version 6 and remove then carry on with install. There is not a rollback facility and you need to install version 6 again after removing version 7.

If you have version 6 saved to a folder it will be a straightforward re-install otherwise you will need to download 6 again. Best way if 6 is not saved is to down load 6 first but save it to a folder or desktop but don't run it. Download 7 and give it a try then at least if you don't like it you can remove and reinstall 6 without going back on-line.

I tried a scan, took 17 minutes compared to 12 minutes with version 6 but it is far more detailed with lots of options that you can control. Future scans may be quicker?

  Carafaraday 19:03 10 Sep 2004

Am I being totally cynical if I ask what the producers of AVG get out of this free anti-virus app? Are there no downsides at all to using this as opposed to McAfee or Norton?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:43 10 Sep 2004

They make their money off the versions for business and they hope you might go on to the Pro version. Personally I have used AVG for years and as I have said before, there is no point in a home user paying for an AV or a firewall, if they need one.


  Belatucadrus 19:55 10 Sep 2004

It also gives them enhanced market penetration without paying for advertising, marketing, storage and distribution. Grisoft and Alwil are commercial concerns and when the sums stop adding up, so will the freebies. Take them while you can.

  Pesala 20:03 10 Sep 2004

I don't seem to have the old install file. I might try Version 7.0 anyway.

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