AVG Free addition - why do people bother?

  slimpickins 18:20 07 Jul 2003

MacAfee and Norton Anti-virus costs about £15 on ebay*, they update at least once a week, frequantly more often and have a far better record of protection than AVG. Why do people persist using AVG when better alternatives are so cheap?

This is genuine question, I'm not trying to be rude.

*I just bought Norton Internet Security 2003 for £15 which inc. AV, firewall, spam filter, parental controls etc on ebay.

  nyx2k 18:22 07 Jul 2003

my bros works for avg in germany and im in no way any kind of expert but he tells me they write updates usually every week and he has a team of 5 people working on it full time so i suppose i use it cos he told me to and i know no better

  muppetmark 18:26 07 Jul 2003

Norton and Mcafee want to take over too much of your system, I'e never had a virus on my system using AVG or Avast, They each do the job successfully without hogging resources, if they hogged resources then I would maybe look into Norton once again.

Yes I have tried both Mcafee and Norton :-)

  slimpickins 19:39 07 Jul 2003

for replying. I asked because a lot of people in my area (who got free computers from the council) are about to renew their Norton sub and I wondered if AVG was a realistic alternative for people on low budgets. I'm very loyal to Norton but for some the NIS upgrade is £17 to much.

  3tg 19:55 07 Jul 2003

I am having problems with my Norton subs, I have recently posted here about it . Cheers

  The Spires 20:17 07 Jul 2003

I think with things as they are it's worth spending a little on AV, I use Eset NOD32 & it is superb, it auto updates every hour, scans my entire system including compressed files in 4.5 mins, checks all emails. You can remove the program in seconds should you want to and it's only a 9 Meg download. click here

Of course many on here are very happy with AVG Free & I can't fault that decision but there are alternatives if you should desire them.

  paddyjack 20:34 07 Jul 2003

I have used AVG free for several years now and to date it has protected my system very well. Yet to be infected that includes visites to so called dodgey sites, and I have updated a few moments ago.

  snoresloudly 20:37 07 Jul 2003

I have used AVG for ages at home, also recommended it for use at work where it is now installed and running nicely on 9 pcs, never had a virus since it was installed!!!!! why pay when you can get it for free??? also AVG does not invade your system as some others can!!

  obbit 20:46 07 Jul 2003

there are a lot of threads on this forum asking for help with norton. hardly any re AVG. it runs quietly without problems on my puter whereas norton was horrible.

  talia 20:49 07 Jul 2003

I now use AVG and as soon as I installed it picked up a couple of virus that the MCafee i did have on and updated did not?

I used to use Norton but it took over everything and even though I have used REgcleaner ther are still the odd trace of the darn thing about

  bof:) 20:49 07 Jul 2003

Hi All,

I began with NAV, and when it was due for its 1st yearly replacement I went to AVG.

AVG let through 1 virus but NAV when reloaded got it straight away...so did House Call (which is also free).

Then I had problems with NAV, so deleted it from PC and cleared out the registery, this took ages. Then I reinstalled AVG.

Pc now closes down very very quickly, have not detected any virri.

Also run Ad aware/Spyware Blaster/Spybot Search and Destroy + others (all free to download), and free trojan buster called Swat It.

Some may say its 'over kill' but some people do this others do not, its personal choice at the end of the day


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