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  User-178362 01:39 14 Feb 2006

I have a folder of AVG Free Adidtion on my desktop that I draged over from All Programes. I realy just wanted a short cut to AVG, but now I cannot slid it back, If I try to delete it, I have a message saying do I realy want to delete it with all that it contains. I do not. If I did delete the folder would I be without AVG?

  rmcqua 10:01 14 Feb 2006

Yes, sea princess XP Pro. I think what you have done is to drag the whole program onto your dektop. To creat a shortcut (there are several ways - this is the way I do it) open the AVG folder in program files, right click on the file with the AVG icon, select "send to" > desktop (create shortcut).
To get the current one back, go into windows explorer and drag AVG back from desktop into c:/program files.

  ade.h 15:07 14 Feb 2006

Your post is not 100% clear, but if you have dragged it from the All Programs Menu then definitely don't have the program files on your desktop! Not possible. All that you have is a shortcut to launch the program.

However; if you have in fact dragged the AVG folder from C:\Program Files\ then you need to drag it right back again.

  ade.h 15:11 14 Feb 2006

If it is the latter, you will need to have an open window with the Program Files folder displayed in it, alongside the Windows folder and the Documents and Settings folder. This is the root of C: okay?

Drag the AVG folder over to the Program Files icon and release it over the icon.

I want you to do it this way so that there is no chance of you dropping the AVG folder into another prgram folder by mistake.

  User-178362 18:20 14 Feb 2006

I am lost. I am going from my last thread Internal viorous Database is out of date. picking up from there. Today I now have two AVG icons that looks like a square flag, When I click on start they are both there one says AVG free and the other says AVG free Control Centre. I'm sure I only had one, I clicked on start All Programes and then clicked on AVG Control Centre to open it that works and I think I got the seconed icon after that. Going back to this problem getting the current folder back from the desktop I click on Windows Explorer, it opens up My Documents. There I see My Music My Pictures My PSB8files etc, also the documents that I wrote down in word, for myself. It doesn't say C Documents and Files.

  ade.h 18:30 14 Feb 2006

Don't bother entering Windows Explorer from the Start Menu.

You should be clicking on My Computer - on the desktop. The C: partition will be there. Open it. You'll now be looking at the root of the C: drive, with folders that include Windows, Program Files and Docs & Settings.

Now follow my earlier instructions IF you have moved the program folder. You still have not clarified whether it was actually the AVG program folder that you moved to the Desktop or whether it was just a Start Menu entry.

Your next actions really depend very much on which if these is the case.

  ade.h 18:33 14 Feb 2006

I can't tell you whether it is correct to have both AVG Free and AVG Control Centre - someone who uses AVG will be able to tell you that.

Go into Add/Remove Programs via Start > All Programs > Set Program Access and Defaults.

Now tell us what AVG entries there are here.

  User-178362 18:48 14 Feb 2006

I clicked on Start, All Programs then I clicked on Set Program Access Defaults. Now I have a window saying Add or Remove Prog I have three rings Microsoft Win, Non Microsoft, and one with a dot in. it called Custom

  ade.h 18:52 14 Feb 2006

You are looking at the wrong pane!

Please click on Add/Remove Programs from the left-hand side. I said "access Add/Remove Programs via Set Program Access and Defaults becuase that it was the Start Menu entry is called and I did not want to confuse you by only mentioning Add/Remove Programs.

Now, you will see all the programs that are installed on your computer.

What entries does AVG have?

  User-178362 19:16 14 Feb 2006

I clicked on Start, All Programs then I clicked on Set Program Access Defaults. Now I have a window saying Add or Remove Prog I have three rings Microsoft Win, Non Microsoft, and one with a dot in. it called Custom

  User-178362 19:28 14 Feb 2006

I have just clicked on Start, Control Panal. It just has one icon for AVG Free Edition. in Add and Remove Programs.

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