AVG finds a Trojan Dialer - What should I do?

  The Kestrel 21:23 01 Feb 2005

During the daily scan AVG found a Trojan Dialer in two files, and placed them in the Virus Vault. I use broadband to connect to the internet, and until today I have never had a virus detected for a number of years.

I went to the Virus Vault and found the two infected files and tried to heal them using AVG, but the heal option is greyed out on the menu. What should I do next to these two files? Will having them removed to the Virus Vault affect the running of my computer?

  stalion 21:25 01 Feb 2005

does avg give you the option to delete the files?

  stalion 21:25 01 Feb 2005

Also if you are on broadband disable any dial up modem on your computer

  The Kestrel 21:37 01 Feb 2005

stalion, it does give me the option of deleting the files, but I didn't want to do this in case the infected files were important and essential to the running of the PC. I disconnected my dial-up modem when I went broadband, so I presume the dialer cannot work on my PC.

  stalion 21:46 01 Feb 2005

if you files have been moved to the virus vault and your pc is running ok then you should be ok. do you have a description of the infected files?

  The Kestrel 22:00 01 Feb 2005

Thanks for getting back.

The first file path is C:\SystemVolumeInformation\-restore{CEB10FBD-EA0C-4270.... The file name A0047724.dll

The second file path is C:\Windows\System32\ and the file name is sporder.dll

I hope this information is what you require.

  stalion 22:06 01 Feb 2005

info here on sporder dll can not find any info on the other one you have listed but if in doubt at all do not delete. click here

  VoG II 22:09 01 Feb 2005

To get rid of the first one you will need to turn System Restore off then on again click here

Note: this will remove all of your existing restore points.

  The Kestrel 22:23 01 Feb 2005

Thank you both for your input.

Stalion, I have read the link about sporder.dll. Do you think downloading the scanner and remover in the article is the right course of action, or to download one of the links to dLL file fix programmes. I am very wary of removing the file only to find it is essential to the running of the computer.

VoG™, will losing my system restore points be a problem later, if I do as you suggest?

  VoG II 22:31 01 Feb 2005

The A0047724.dll file has been stored in a Restore Point. It cannot do anything unless you (inadvertently) do a restore to that point.

There are ways of getting to individual restore points but to my mind this involves far too much faffing about. Basically you have three choices for this particular file

a) do nothing. Nothing bad will happen unless you restore to this point. Eventually this file will be flushed anyway as new restore points are added.

b) turn SR off then on again. This will get rid of it but then you will have no restore points left.

c) do the somewhat involved removal of the single restore point containing the rogue file. I can walk you through this if needs be.

Personally I would go for b) knowing that my system is currently running OK.

  The Kestrel 22:52 01 Feb 2005

Thanks for your options. I have just restarted my computer and everything loaded up as normal. The internet connects up OK and runs at normal speed. I have therefore decided to take your preferred route (b), switch SR off and then on again to get rid of the offending file.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions regarding the sporder.dll infected file?

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