AVG failing to update!

  matt1234 11:20 30 Dec 2005


I updated AVG free edition and from then on it stopped updating every time it would come up with this error

click here

Ive tried downloading the update file manually with no avail. ive tried reinstalling the older version and that doesnt work. but the program still works and still scans for viruses.

please help im at a lost of whats going on?


  spuds 11:43 30 Dec 2005

There was a problem with AVG a short time ago, and AVG rush some patches through. Perhaps a new re-install will put you back on track!.

  stlucia 11:50 30 Dec 2005

Do you mean you've updated AVG from free version 6 to free version 7, and now it won't update it's virus database? If so, there's maybe two versions somewhere on your PC, and they're "confused".

A complete uninstall using Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs to find all versions, and then a fresh install of version 7.0 will probably sort things out.

  palinka 13:08 30 Dec 2005

As stlucia says, if by "update" you happen to mean that you've UPGRADED AVG6 to AVG7 the the best solution will be to completely delete AVG from your system and then install a new copy of AVG7. I have friends who had similar problemns when they upgraded to version 7; it was solvewd by a "clean" install; but make sure you delete all bits of the previous installation(s).

If, on the other hand, you mean a normal update, such as you do daily, weekly, whenever, then you could try updating from the AVG website. I've done that in the past when AVG were having a technical hitch with their updates.

  stlucia 19:29 30 Dec 2005

... and it's dawned on me that the screenshot you've included in your initial post comes after AVG has downloaded the update files; it seems to be at the next stage in the operation, when it uses the downloaded data to update the files it holds on your PC.

So, it seems to be making contact with the AVG site okay, but something's wrong with your installation. So, I would still say uninstall it and download it afresh from the AVG web site.

  ACOLYTE 19:33 30 Dec 2005

I actually think this is a server error on the AVG site rather than an app error on your pc,it seems like you are not recieving all the update file when u dload,the only fix may be a reinstall of AVG but if it has only just started i would be inclined to give it time it may sort itself.

  johnnyrocker 19:49 30 Dec 2005

or change the download site/server


  matt1234 00:04 31 Dec 2005

well it seems to be fine after i reinstalled it and downlaoded a new improved version. so thanks for your help !

  rdave13 00:18 31 Dec 2005

Still AVAST ANTIVIRUS is a better program in my view.Ran AVG for about a year and had niggling problems with greyouts on different parts of the program.

Had enough and downloaded Avast antivirus and the only problen was to reregister every 12 months.

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