AVG Email Scanner Network Connectiion value

  Batch 14:01 17 Nov 2005

In the Email Scanner of AVG Free, one of the options is Network Connection (E-mail Scanner -> Properties, Properties Tab). This can either be LAN or Dial-up (with the ability to specify the relevant Dial-up connection).

Does anyone know whether the value of this setting really matters? As far as I can tell, it works regardless of whether it is set to LAN or Dial-up. I normally use broadband, but when it has been down I have reverted to a dial-up connection (without changing AVG) and it seems to work fine.

BTW, the reference documentation doesn't mention this at all.

  rawprawn 14:07 17 Nov 2005

My properties tab is greyed out. To be clear Email Scanner/properties/ Greyed out properties tab.

  Batch 14:13 17 Nov 2005

In Control Center, click on Email Scanner

In Email Scanner dialogue, click on Properties

Personal Email Scanner Set-up dialogue should appear, with 3 tabs (Properties, Logging, Servers).

On the Properties tab, one of the options is Network Connection with an Edit button beside it.

  rawprawn 14:21 17 Nov 2005

I have three tabs Properties, (Greyed Out) Disable Plugin, and Configure

  Batch 15:36 17 Nov 2005

Terminology crossed I think. What you are referring to as tabs, I'd call buttons. Tabs, being sub sections of the dialogue box, selected by the tabs (can't think what else to call them) across the top, just under the tiitle bar.

In mine, if you click the Properties button (tab to you), you get another dialogue box with the Properties, Logging and Servers tabs, as I said before. Clearly, from what you say, you can't get there as your Propeties button (aka tab!) is greyed.

BTW I'm using OE6.

  rawprawn 16:01 17 Nov 2005

I couldn't have put it better myself, but I do wonder why mine are greyed out. I suspect it's because I'm using Outlook and anyway I only have ADSL connection.
Sorry you haven't had your question answered.

  Batch 16:27 17 Nov 2005


Not only am I intrigued by the two options (and either works on my main system), but as I'm about to set up my bro's PC with AVG, ZoneAlarm etc. and I want to make sure he's protected as it'll probably be me that sorts things out if a virus or trojan etc. gets through, plus it's always difficult to monitor the situation remotely.

I feel the urge for a structured test plan coming on! ;)

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