AVG and Eicar - Not impressed

  powerless 16:32 24 Dec 2003

Been using Nortons AVs to protect my PCs until now.

I only have the one license for NAV 2004 and that is installed else where.

So downloaded AVG, installed, updated and decided to throw EICAR at it. The resident shield did not pick it up and only a manual scan picked it up and it failed to delete it.

NOT impressed but am i missing a setting somewhere?


  powerless 17:15 24 Dec 2003

Give me a clue.

  ton 20:37 24 Dec 2003

The first time AVG detected eicar and offered to get rid. I told it to leave it. Now at manual checks it is detected but no action is taken. All seems ok to me.

  Pauper 22:02 24 Dec 2003

Powerless, how about conducting an on-line scan in case you have a genuine virus which is disabling AVG?

  powerless 22:20 24 Dec 2003

Resident shield:

eicar.com = Detected :-)

eicar.com.text = Not detected :-(

eicar_com.zip = Not detected :-(

eicarcom2.zip = Not detected :-(

Manual scan:

Found 'em all!

online V scan = pass

  powerless 10:20 25 Dec 2003

With a manual scan it detects the mall.

Well NAV 2004 can detect compressed file nasties :-(

Me thinking installing NAV 2003.

  Terrahawk 10:30 25 Dec 2003

Mcafee 7 .com .txt detected straight away the zip files got through and only detected on manual scan have to check my settings

  powerless 14:34 25 Dec 2003

But if it cannot detect a simple test file then...

  powerless 14:51 25 Dec 2003

on the other hand if it works for millions of other its just me :-(

  beeuuem 16:41 25 Dec 2003

AVG seems to work well for me. Can't test incoming mail as AVG won't let me send any of the eicar files!.

  powerless 21:35 26 Dec 2003

I'm using NAV 2004 - nuff said.

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