AVG Eicar file test failed?

  cottie 18:45 28 Jul 2006

Was wondering whether my AVG was working cause it's not alerted me of anything which is pretty unusual for me, so I tested it by going here click here but AVG didn't detect the Eicar file.

Is there something wrong with my AVG?

  SB23 18:47 28 Jul 2006

Can't help with AVG, but I use Avast, and it spots all the test files.
Would you consider switching?

  cottie 18:49 28 Jul 2006

Well I would now unless it's a problem with just mine. Can someone else with AVG confirm if the file is detected or not. If it's not this antivirus is pants!

  ACOLYTE 18:50 28 Jul 2006

If it is working properly it should alert you as soon as you click the link to download it,as well as finding the file that you put somewhere on your pc.Try from this site and see what happens click here

  VoG II 18:57 28 Jul 2006

AVG should detect this click here

  cottie 20:51 28 Jul 2006

AVG detected the file on Eicar but it doesn't detect it embedded in a webpage. My mate says his Avast is pants aswell cause it doesn't detect it embedded in a webpage.

I spose you get what you don't pay for.

  beynac 21:37 28 Jul 2006

AVG is not 'pants' nor is Avast. The fact that they didn't detect the file in this particular 'test' means nothing. I use NOD32 which has a very good detect rate and it didn't find it. I suspect that the test is geared towards you using Panda.

Don't worry. Both AVG and Avast are good anti-virus programs.

  ExTrEmEbLoWoUt 21:42 28 Jul 2006

avg and avast are both decent programs ! it helps if you havent got any viruses on your computer before you install ! and any anti-virus software should be backed up by a firewall ! i use avast proffesional ! and it has found everything i have ever had ! it even picks up viruses that mcafee and norton dont pick up !

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:46 28 Jul 2006

The test files comprise of batches that would never be in the wild. Do not take any notice of them or your 'mate'. AVG and Avast will take care of you.


  DieSse 23:04 28 Jul 2006

EICAR is just a text file, that has been agreed upon as a file to test the response mechanisms of AV programs. (It's not a virus BTW).

AV suppliers accepted that they would detect this pattern and report a virus, so that you could:-

Check your AV program is actually operating

Check how to handle virus detections before you get a real one (and sit there wondering what should be done) - in other words you can safely practice with it.

It's entirely possible that if you use this pattern in ways unforeseen by the originators or the AV suppliers, they will fail to respond to it (it's not a virus, so why should they?).

So my take on this particular use of it is that it's a bit of a "set-up" to make you think your AV is not responding correctly.

All half-decent AV programs detect virtually all known viruses. Some are better than others (some are very poor in fact) at detecting unknown viruses that have not yet been incorporated into the virus signature lists.

  alan2273 23:09 28 Jul 2006

I did the Eicar test on my brothers computer (as I use Linux) and saved it to the documents folder.
He has AVG and when I clicked on the file to open it AVG detected it straight away.

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