AVG does not detect the Hybris.B worm

  Bruce_Lee 23:26 29 Oct 2003

I recently scanned my computer using Trend Micros free Housecall utility and was quite surprised to find that I had the Hybris.B worm.

I had AVG installed with the latest updates and had run several full system scans as well as having the resident shield running.

Has anyone else had this problem?

  Jester2K II 23:31 29 Oct 2003

Depends where Trend Micro Scanner found it!!!

Where did Trend find the virus? Folder, filename etc??

Also don't forget no AV is 100%...

  Bruce_Lee 23:38 29 Oct 2003

The WSOCK32.DLL file was infected and was deleted by Housecall. I had to replace it from PRECOPY1.CAB on the Windows cd which seems to have fixed the problem and all scans now come up clean.

Just thought I would post this here in case anyone else relies solely on AVG (like I did).

  Jester2K II 23:40 29 Oct 2003

Maybe you should contact Grisoft then..

  Bruce_Lee 23:43 29 Oct 2003

I have e-mailed Grisoft via their website.

Guess I can't expect a 100% detection rate from a free program. Anyone found a better free AV?

  Jester2K II 23:50 29 Oct 2003

"Guess I can't expect a 100% detection rate from a free program"

And i suppose you be expecting a 100% detection rate if you paid for another brand then?? Despite what the tests say I've seen Norton fail to detect and / or remove some common viruses. NO AV WILL GIVE YOU 100%

  Gaz W 00:29 30 Oct 2003

I use AVG and it has detected and removed many a virus successfully. It is an excellent virus scanner considering it is free. It doesn't seem worth paying for something like Norton when AVG does it for free with unlimited free updates, especially when none of them can possibly detect every virus.

  Patr100 00:51 30 Oct 2003

Bit cheeky for the word Trend Micro to be linked for an ad for a McAfee free trial!

  The Spires 01:25 30 Oct 2003

click here

click here

I use Eset, it's not free, but not exactly a fortune either.

  terminus 01:35 30 Oct 2003

used AVG for quite some time, without any problems. Bought a new pc, and changed to Avast
it's free, and I like the automatic updates.

click here

  Gaz 25 04:58 30 Oct 2003

Avast is a great free alt. to the AVG scanner.

But my opinion, is you get what you pay for.

click here offers a great solution and I run it on all of my PC's and the Platinum is retail at about ?40 from click here or click here

click here will keep you updated on the high risk threats, so you know about them also a great guide on viruses here: click here

Quote- "Bit cheeky for the word Trend Micro to be linked for an ad for a McAfee free trial!"

It is too.

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