AVG co-exist with Spyware & Malware software?

  Jacqual 18:54 12 Jan 2010

I recently bought AVG 9.0 and I wonder if I now need SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (both recommended in these forums and seemed to work well). Can they co-exist or would it be more sensible to delete these two? Any thoughts on this?

  rdave13 18:57 12 Jan 2010

So long as MBA and SAS are free versions and therefore only run manual scans then they'll be ok.

  palinka 18:33 13 Jan 2010

I have all those programs on my computer (tho my AVG 9 is the free version) and have no problems.
But as rdave13 says, just use MBA & SAS manually - ie. do a scan with them as and when you want to; don't have them set to do their job automatically at a given time. Then they won't clash with AVG.
It's a good idea to use them all - MBA & SAS will sometimes find things that AVG doesn't, because they are looking for spyware and malware in general, whereas AVG is looking for viruses.

  Jacqual 18:52 13 Jan 2010

Thanks everybody; I'll take your advice and stick with them and do a scan from time to time.

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