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avg bin file missing

  eedcam 08:39 17 Aug 2008

For some reason this morning I got a popup saying bin file missing then tried to update avg 8 free and update failed cos bin file missing any solutions please. XP SP2

  eedcam 08:45 17 Aug 2008

Sorry should have looked before posting

  Technotiger 09:11 17 Aug 2008

Try a System Restore back to when it was working ok.

  bretsky 10:58 17 Aug 2008

Can you give a clue as my friend has just been on to me with this problem and according to him you cannot complete the installation without the update.Tried system restore but same thing also gone back to version 7, also same thing.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 11:02 17 Aug 2008

Sorry, just seen the posting below will tell him to look there.

bretsky ;0)

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