AVG auto update

  Noelg23 12:26 01 Nov 2004

i can no longer automatically update AVG. I have to go to the website and manually download them myself...its starting get tedious now and I am so use to things being done automatically. I dont know how this happened but its been like this for about 2 weeks now. does anyone know a way out of this? I have thought about uninstalling and reinstalling AVG but not sure if that would cure it. thanks.

  nick_j007 13:05 01 Nov 2004

Have you gone into the 'Update Manager', then the properties tab?

Sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious.

The 'General' tab behind it shows the last download and next expected.



  Noelg23 13:54 01 Nov 2004

no havent tried that but I will when I get home. thanks.

  Diemmess 14:46 01 Nov 2004

Was unaware after years of using AVG, that not only the tests, but UPDATE can be scheduled.

Thank you Noelg23,..... I went > Utilities > Update > from Internet > Update Manager..... The section - Scheduled download of Update files was greyed out, but ticking the box revealed all.

  Diemmess 14:50 01 Nov 2004

Anyway, it works!

  nick_j007 15:29 01 Nov 2004


The day has finally come when I have dragged myself from computing obscurity to fame.

In fairness I owe virtually all my 'knowledge' to this forum, so it goes back to the big circle we have here.

Pleased to help.


  GroupFC 16:09 01 Nov 2004

You weren't the only one - I always wondered why it was greyed out and now we know! - As you say "we learn something every day" and as nick_j007 says mostly from this forum!

  Noelg23 22:35 01 Nov 2004

I cant find it on mine...I think I forgot to mention that I only have AVG FREE 6! so I guess it dont have it! but thanks guys..

  GroupFC 08:37 02 Nov 2004

Mine's AVG free 6 too!

Try this right click on avg in the system tray and then click on "run avg control centre". There should be five tabs one of which is "update manager" put a tick in the box "allow scheduled update" and all should be revealed.

  Noelg23 08:40 02 Nov 2004

but there is a tick in there already! I will try unticking then ticking it again and see what that does...

  march 10:11 02 Nov 2004


I only started using AVG last week & am still learning how to use it so thanks for that piece of info.

Set it this morning to update @10:00 & walla! success,


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