Avg antivirus, cannot open files.

  rovaman 15:35 01 Mar 2003

I have recently downloaded AVG anti virus,the free edition onto my xp home system, and have just noted that after running a complete scan,if i click on "detail info" on the test results page,all files in boot C have the message "cannot open,unchecked!". Has anyone else had this problem?.

  Border View 16:35 01 Mar 2003


  rovaman 11:28 02 Mar 2003

not sure what you mean by refresh as there is no refresh button available on the AVG control centre screen.I should have mentioned that i have uninstalled and reinstalled this programme about 5 times now as i suspected a fault in the download process,but to no avail!.

  -pops- 11:36 02 Mar 2003

Refresh means to bring the message to the top again before it disappears into oblivion off the bottom of the page.

I cannot answer your question but I would just be thankful that AVG has found these things. I would be very careful about opening them - you don't know what horrors might be released into you machine.


  SSC 00:00 03 Mar 2003

I run AVG and have noticed a similar problem with it being unable to scan the c/documents and settings folders. I have not found a solution to run the scan automatically. What I now do is to go to the unscanned folders and right click, selecting 'scan with AVG option. I have never found any viruses in the unscanned folder, so its not refusing to scan those folders due to something nasty lurking. I presume it is some program quirk or something to do wuth the folder properties that I haven't sussed.

This has only started happening since I have XP. Previous computer with Win 98 worked fine.

I have tried deleting and re-installing AVG with no change.

  Bagsey 09:04 03 Mar 2003

Yes I have the same messages but it still finds the nasties. two this week. Patch.exe ????
So thank goodnes for AVG. I to am running XP Home

  rovaman 21:18 03 Mar 2003

thanks to everyone for your advice,and SSC,good idea to manually run AVG on c;\ files ifeel a bit more secure now.I,ll leave this thread open a few days in case any more folks have any input. CHEERS!.


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