AVG Anti Virus Update Query

  Fatbelly 21:16 02 May 2003

After taking advice from Forum Members I have just downloaded and installed AVG Anti Virus free edition.

I have checked for a Virus update, but was told that the last update was 24/04/03 and I was upto date,This does not seem correct to me I am used to Norton which had a update nearly every day.

My question is this does AVG only post updates every couple of weeks or so?

Regards to all Fatbelly

  graham√ 21:20 02 May 2003

Porky, latest AVG is 272.

  mrdsgs 21:20 02 May 2003

every 24-48 hours is common but 10 day gaps are possible.

24/04 is the most recent

i've used avg for 6 months and not been infected yet!


  Ironman556 21:21 02 May 2003

It varies, sometimes there'll be an update twice a day, but not often. Usually it'll be about a week between updates, but they tend to come along as the new protections are added, so some weeks you may have to update 3 times, and others not at all. It's easy enough to check anyway, I check every day just to make sure I have maximum protection.

  Fatbelly 21:24 02 May 2003

Thanks for the Advice and also the quick replies, I will relax and check for updates every few days.

I will green tick and close once again many thanks.


  monkeyshine 21:29 02 May 2003

BTW the latest update is database 273.

  graham√ 21:42 02 May 2003

I sit corrected.

  Bagsey 22:56 02 May 2003

I have made a habit of checking for updates every morning BEFORE I check for any incomming email. This I learned quickly after I got the SIRCAM virus a couple of years ago because I checked my email before updating. Thus I was out of date and unprotected. Never again.

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