AVG Anti Virus Update Problem

  Dumfy 14:08 14 Mar 2004

Hi everyone,

I've just been fortunate enough to get broadband and it's going great. What a difference!

So, I've been doing a load of updates for Windows/Office/Spybot etc which have gone fine, but I can't get the AVG Anti-Virus software to update...either automatically or manually. I've even downloaded and installed the latest version from their website.

I haven't tried over dial-up (I haven't cancelled that yet in case of problems), but it has always worked.

The software always errors with "unable to connect to the Internet...etc"

Any ideas?



  Mikè 14:11 14 Mar 2004

Of late there have been major problems in downloading updates, just keep trying. The error you are getting is i'm afraid typical at the moment.

  Stuartli 14:14 14 Mar 2004

I find that going to the relevant grisoft update page for your version of AVG and downloading with FreshDownload to the Desktop is much easier.

You then open the AVG Control Centre, click on Service and then Update and choose Folder from the pop up menu - the update is then installed without a reboot being necessary as usual.

You then delete the Desktop link.

  pj123 15:06 14 Mar 2004

Strange you should say that. I also had a problem this morning updating AVG. I am on NTL BB at 600 and after about 2mins 43 secs with nothing happening I cancelled it. Now try this way. Log in to your BB and then minimise it. Now open AVG and go to Service, Update, From Internet, Update Now. Did it in 7 seconds.

  hatrickj 15:12 14 Mar 2004

Out of interest, does the problem relate to particular versions of AVG with BB or all? Thanks.

  TommyRed 15:24 14 Mar 2004

I had similar problems and followed this to overcome them. Go to Grisoft site click here click on 'update AVG 6.0 - 622' for free version, go to 'which update do you need' and select AVG free edition from drop down menu. Select which update you require and follow tips at bottom of page for installation. HTH TR

  pj123 16:01 14 Mar 2004

hatrickj. One would assume this relates to the free version, because if I was paying for it I would like better service than that.

  Dumfy 16:02 14 Mar 2004

....that worked perfectly. Thanks for that and to all those that helped also.

I tried your suggestion, pj123, but it didn't work for me, sadly. Worth a try though.

Is this going to be the "new" way to update AVG? If so, it's not as convenient as auto update.

For me though, it's quite useful to be honest.
I'm triple booting with XP/Me/98SE and saving the update file to a back-up partition on my hard drive allows me to copy/paste it into the AVG program on each OS. Saves me having to download from within each OS.

I'll tick this "resolved" later in case anybody else wants to read it. I find people skip over threads if the "resolved" tick appears.

Thanks to all



  Les 16:09 14 Mar 2004

Just a thought, could AVG be playing some sort of game with us in a effort to get us to buy the software? As I said, just a thought.

Perhaps I am more of a pessimist that I thought! 8-))


  pj123 16:55 14 Mar 2004

Dumfy. Sorry my solution didn't work for you, we can't win them all. Yes I agree with you about keeping the thread open for a bit longer. I tend not to look at threads once they have been closed because it doesn't trigger an email to the originator, maybe that's something the FE could look at?

  TTP 17:16 14 Mar 2004

Ive been with AVG free for a long while now and have also noticed automatic connection problems recently but just kept on trying until getting the update down.I would presume that because of the plague of malicious codes out there that the Grisoft server is probably a little bit busy!

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