AVG Anti Virus Query.

  Meshuga 20:16 31 May 2007

I have just installed AVG Anti Virus 7.5 free version and although it says that scanning emails is fully operational it does not indicate that it is actually doing it. Should it indicate somewhere when it is actually scanning or does it just run in the background? My os is xphome sp2.

  VoG II 20:24 31 May 2007

If AVG is working then you should see the multicoloured icon in the Notification Area. If it isn't working then that icon will be greyed-out. Other than that I don't think that there is another indication.

  Technotiger 20:39 31 May 2007

Hi, I go with VoG™, there is no actual indication other than the AVG icon in the bar at bottom of screen. Anything in AVG that is NOT working as it should, will give you a definite indication when you open the AVG Control Center.

  Meshuga 20:46 31 May 2007

Thank you VoG, That leads me on to a further query, I do have the multi coloured icon you describe, which is stationary, but intermittently I get another multicoloured icon which is rotating and at the same time a Popup box appears above the notification area which has 24 horizontal lines, one above the other and each line reads the same, as follows,
Auto Pop3 connecting to PoP3 tiscali.co.uk
This is a nuisance because it obscures whatever is on the screen at that point. When the popup box drops down the rotating icon vanishes. This sequence repeats periodically. Is there any way of stopping the box appearing withot interfering with whatever function is running at that time. Sorry it is so drawn out.

  Meshuga 20:48 31 May 2007

Thank you Technotiger. Do you have any views Re my answer to VoG?

  Technotiger 20:53 31 May 2007

Does this perhaps apply in your case too ..

click here

  appletrees 21:03 31 May 2007

The AVG email scanning you describe is its normal behaviour - it's working!
I don't know how you disable it, or even if you can, but it should only be visible during the actual check and download, so is it really a problem?

  FreeCell 21:05 31 May 2007

Is Tiscali your email provider?

I think this is answering your original question in that the Email Scanner is running every time your email program (Outlook or Outlook Express) is periodically checking to see if you have new email. If you stop the automatic check then this pop-up won't happen but you will have to remember to send/receive your emails.

Hope this helps.

  Meshuga 21:08 31 May 2007

Technotiger, Yes that seems to be what is happening in my case. What it means is that AVG is actually doing it`s job by scanning something it has detected. Unfortunately I dont feel competent enough to start reconfiguring things as suggested in those other posts, especially as the answers were really suggestions, not positive solutions. I`ll have to put up with it for a while pending further investigation. Thank you though for those posts. Very interesting theories.

  Technotiger 21:11 31 May 2007

Hi, I also use AVG Free same as Meshuga - I have never seen the pop3 thing that he describes, yet my emails are scanned as normal. Unless it is because I am on broadband while perhaps Meshuga is on dial-up, if this would make a difference.

  Meshuga 21:13 31 May 2007

Hi appletrees,thank you for your reply. No, I wouldn`t say it`s a problem, more of a nuisance.

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