AVG Anti Virus & CRP32DLL.DLL

  fifty-and-some 14:04 15 Dec 2013

CRP32DLL.DLL is part of my engraving program. Since updating AVG tells me it is a Trojan, and prevents the program loading.

In the past I was able to contact AVG, now all I get is a continuous loop of -Ask Julia - choose from list - did this answer your question – no – ask a question - Ask Julia – and on to infinity.

The only contact I can get is by fax. Tried with no response. The AVG forum seems defunct, try to ask a question and get back to ask Julia.

Can any one tell me how to white list this .dll please?

I have the full paid up AVG for two computers, paid until June 14. If I can’t resolve this I have to dump AVG and look for consumer friendly anti virus programs. Suggestions welcome please.

  rdave13 15:43 15 Dec 2013

This might help?

  Secret-Squirrel 15:56 15 Dec 2013

"The only contact I can get is by fax. Tried with no response."

According to their website, the UK phone number for AVG Support is 0800 072 1796. I just tried it and it's not a fax number.

"Can any one tell me how to white list this .dll please?"

Click on "Options" top-right of the AVG main window -> Advanced Settings -> Exceptions -> Add Exception. You can either select that one file or a complete folder.

  Secret-Squirrel 17:22 15 Dec 2013

"This says it is a threat..."

I think the only threat there is the website and the scam software it's promoting ;)

Seriously though, I'm in agreement with the OP. Given everything he's said it's almost certainly an AVG false-positive.

  fifty-and-some 12:54 16 Dec 2013

Thank you Secret-Squirrel, all I needed was the nudge in the right direction.

I am not an expert or geek who understands all the terminology, nor an idiot.

A nudge in the right direction should have been easy to find.

Where did you find the phone number? I spent hours looking though the contacts and all I could find on the contacts page was the fax no I used.

  Secret-Squirrel 13:52 16 Dec 2013

"Where did you find the phone number?"

www.avg.com -> Support -> Contact us -> Personal Support -> clicking on any of the green buttons takes you a page with the UK phone number in the "Call Us" section - like this.

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