avg anti virus

  pat2068 20:54 05 Jul 2003

I am using the free avg when it scans my comp it is telling me there is no virusis but when you look at the information there is a lot of files it is saying it cant open and has'ent scanned can anyone help me as I don't know why they cant open thanks mary

  howard60 21:16 05 Jul 2003

if you are not having any problems do not worry - AVG is the best and if it says no virus thats it as far as I am concerned - Certain files are locked by windows etc.

  splork 21:16 05 Jul 2003

most are probably system files, that are `in use` so unscannable, and probably safe. i take it you aren't concerned about your PC having been hit by a virus and doing weird stuff....

  hugh-265156 21:18 05 Jul 2003

i may be wrong.i get this too and as far as i know this is normal.windows will not allow access to certain system files to be scanned.

someone may be able to explain this for you in detail.

  holly polly 22:11 05 Jul 2003

don't want to alarm you but i was running avg ,a pretty good anti virus -for nowt ,however after installing and running norton 2003 this told me that there was a virus {backdoor bionet}-which after 2 full scans of my system ,avg failed to find ,if running avg i reccomend that every so often say once a week you visit one of the online scanning facilities {symantec or panda}and do a online scan of your system ,this is a reassuring way of verifying the effectiveness of your anti virus software-i still use it even though i am running norton,hope this is of help -holly polly....

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