AVG anti virus

  Chris the Ancient 21:26 29 Mar 2004

Been away for a few days, and can't see anything under search facilities.

I can't seem to get an update for my AVG free version for my lappy or for Der Boss's machine.

Anyone else had problems?


  Valvegrid 21:32 29 Mar 2004

There have been problems getting updates the last few weeks, this tweak at least gives you a fighting chance and it works:

click here


  Chris the Ancient 21:35 29 Mar 2004

Trying it now.



  obbit 21:37 29 Mar 2004

double click My Computer
double click Program Files
double click Grisoft folder
double click AVG 6
locate the URL.INI file most likely just shown as URL
copy and paste the file so you have two the same
rename the first one URL.INIOLD
in the second one remove or edit existing text to read

2=click here
3=click here

1=click here
2=click here
3=click here
Actual URL=3

then do an update. you will be accessing all 3 Grisoft servers therefore speeding up your update.

  obbit 21:38 29 Mar 2004

don't know how i did that but it's wrong

  Glyn-252301 21:40 29 Mar 2004

Thanks Valvegrid, I had to crawl all over the Grisoft site to update last time. Regards G.

  Valvegrid 21:40 29 Mar 2004

It's this site, it ruins the formatting, I think you're trying to say the same as in the link I posted.

  radi8or 21:42 29 Mar 2004


Have AVG registered version and they have been putting out updates nearly every day for over a week, mine d/l's automatically no problem.

Regards Bob

  Chris the Ancient 21:53 29 Mar 2004

Have remade the ini file...

shuffled backwards and forwards...

and got an update.



  obbit 22:09 29 Mar 2004

i was yes. funny how the best laid plans come to naught

  Valvegrid 22:11 29 Mar 2004

This site can be really frustrating at times can't it.

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