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AVG Ant Virus fails to update

  williamj 19:54 22 Oct 2008

Update Manager shows "Invalid Update Control CTF File" and "Free Edition of AVG" will not update.
Anyone come across this fault?
I am tempted to uninstall and reinstall.

  williamj 20:31 22 Oct 2008

Many thanks skidzy.
Action taken as you suggested in AVG Forum.
Two CDF files deleted and update now O.K.

  john-m 15:46 26 Oct 2008

Thanks from me too, Skidzy. Just back from holiday and found same problem. Seems OK now.

  wee eddie 07:13 27 Oct 2008


  wee eddie 07:25 27 Oct 2008

"Note: The Application Data folder is hidden by default. You need to enable Windows Explorer to show hidden files in order to view the Application Data folder. Alternately, type the above folder path in the Start, Run dialogue and press {ENTER} to launch the folder."

I renamed the files by adding ".old" and then deleted them when I had successfully Updated.

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