AVG anomaly again,,,

  Furkin 08:26 18 Mar 2010

ACER T120 Desktop – Xp.pro – SP3 – IE8 – OE6 – 2Gb (max) Ram

Yesterday I got a pop-up from AVG inviting me to update my program. As usual I clicked Yes & went about my work.

It soon became apparent that I had a problem. About 2 thirds of my family e-mail addresses stopped working along with most targets in my google searches (including this one). I got an error message saying: :::A time-out occurred while communicating with the server. Account: 'S-Alpha', Server: 'pop.supanet.com', Protocol: POP3, Port: 110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19:::
I dropped Supanet a line – but didn’t expect a reply for the usual 3 or 4 days,,,, but within about 30 mins, I had a reply,,, possibly that quick as they were passing the buck (rightly in this instance !).

They said that the problem was down to my AV program & to contact them. The first thing I did was check which version I had & was annoyed that the up-date had actually put version 9 onto my machine.

One of the few www sites that I could get on was AVG Forums – so I looked there for help. In the end I disabled my Link Scanner,,, but to noah vale.

In the end, I wanted to uninstall v9 & re install v8.5, but was worried about being unprotected whilst doing so & wanted to know if I could just download v8.5 & hope that it would take over v9, but no. It came up with (para) “you already have AVG on your machine, this install will stop” – so that was that. In the end. I took off v9 via ‘Add/Remove progs’ & re installed a new 8.5.
Everything is now a sweet as a sweet thing.
The trouble is, at some point, I will NEED to update to later versions,,,,,,, so is there a fool proof way of installing v9 (which I imagine will be v10 etc soon) ?

Cheers all

  Andsome 08:31 18 Mar 2010

I see so many problems on this and other forums, that I question the use of AVG. I never get problems with Eset Nod 32 security suite.

  birdface 08:37 18 Mar 2010

From yesterday.

click here

So looks like there were problems.

Updated my Daughters AVG yesterday and never found any problems but then maybe I was not on it long enough.

  birdface 08:40 18 Mar 2010

I just installed it over the top of 8.5 but maybe a system restore to before you updated might be best.Then update to version 9.
The new version automatically removes the old version so you should be fine.

  Furkin 09:57 18 Mar 2010

BM: My new install wouldn't remove the existing. Maybe it's cos I was going backwards (9 to 8) rather that 8 up to 9.

I think i'll be sticking to 8.5 till 10 comes out, & just hope that they have sorted it out by then.

I must say that I am a little surprised that it hasn't been sorted by now. I guess it's cos it only effects some machines and not others.

Good luck to the rest of you

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