AVG Advisor Question

  jimforrest 18:00 29 Oct 2011

In a previous post I said that AVG Advisor keeps putting up a window stating that Chrome is consuming vast amounts of memory - up to 750mb with just a few tabs open, and recommends closing it. So I switched back to Explorer and it's doing the same - although the memory used is much less at 400mb. My laptop (Acer Aspire 5742 running Win7) has 4gig of memory. Now the questions - Does it matter that these browsers are using that much memory? Are they using too much? Should I just switch AVG Advisor off? (I think it came with the latest AVG upgrade). The laptop isn't very old and shouldn't have tons of dust or fluff in it, but there might be an underlying problem because if I run Adaware in full computer scan mode the laptop switches itself off after about 20 mins (high temp?) The air inlet/outlets are of course unobstructed.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:46 29 Oct 2011
  jimforrest 16:38 30 Oct 2011

Thanks Fruitbat and Buteman - good advice I think. I've followed the ie8 advice re turning stuff off, and next time AVG pops up I'll switch the Advisor setting off.

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