AVG and Ad-Aware problems

  RobCharles1981 19:22 12 May 2006

Ive downloaded and Updated the new version of AVG and installed the latest defination file and try icon is still greyd out

Same idea with Ad-Aware "Your Defintions are 34 days old would you like to check for updates now"? This I do and there is no updates availble...

Work Around??

  [DELETED] 19:27 12 May 2006

Can't help with avg, but is adaware allowed access through your firewall, as updates are applied the 'engine' can change and the firewall will not allow access to the newly updated software.

  RobCharles1981 19:35 12 May 2006

Ad-aware is allowed in my Firewall (Zone Alarm Free)

  [DELETED] 19:41 12 May 2006

1) stupid I know but is your date on the computer correct?

2) download ewido and run it just in case....click here


  RobCharles1981 19:51 12 May 2006

The Date was wrong!! Cured the Ad-Aware, maybe I should reinstall Avg too be on the safe side? Cause its still greyd out

I have ewido btw

  [DELETED] 20:55 12 May 2006

I would not bother if AVG is OK.


  [DELETED] 20:56 12 May 2006

I would not bother if AVG is OK.


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