AVG & Acronis plus system restore

  awest3 14:33 27 Nov 2007

I have a Dell 5000 dimension running XP home SP2.
I take my backups using Acronis 10 home image, I decided that having 12 incremental backups after a full back up was too many and wanted to delete the original full copy and incrementals and start again..maybe my eyes but can't find anywhere in Acronis telling you how to delete backups. Anyway I deleted the files as normal and then tried to take a new full image where upon I got and error 'RPC Server not avail" or such like..did a bit of research and found that one of the services for Acronis may ot be up and running,,did an msconfig and indeed the service was not running...so started it..went back to Acronis and found that it froze as so as I hit the backup button..had to use cntl/alt to kick it out..other suggestions were to un/reinstall Acronis..which I did..no change. I then went to system restore to go back prior to my deleting the files (not that I expected the files to be restored) but thought I may have accidentally caused an issue in the system.....system restore would not work until I tried a restore point from only a few days ago...this (an interesting bit) seems to have corrupted a recently installed copy of AVG (chucked out Norton as it was slowing the machine down)..lo and behold without AVG Acronis now works..? I had tried to stop AVG earlier in the process but could not find out to do it..?

So my questions a) how do you stop AVG b)what causes Acronis to freeze c) Why did restore beyond a certain point not work D) can I use AVG with Acronis...

Any help, as ever gratefully accepted


  Technotiger 15:16 27 Nov 2007

Hi, well I dunno why you are having these hiccups, but this is just to let you know that AVG and Acronis do work fine together - have AVG and Acronis11.

  Technotiger 15:18 27 Nov 2007

PS - you can stop AVG by right-click on icon in system tray and choose Quit AVG control center.

  HCOOH 15:40 27 Nov 2007

When you have it sorted, if you use Acronis secure Zone then destroying the Secure Zone deletes all the files in it.

  awest3 16:51 27 Nov 2007

I've now downloaded a new copy of Acronis and AVG..all seems well..I can use both Acronis and AVG...

I'm still puzzled as to why restore from a week or so ago would not work ...I'll probably clear them all out and start again..

Is there any special way you should delete Acronis backups..?

Thanks to all

  rawprawn 17:20 27 Nov 2007

No special way, just delete the backup files if they are on another drive, and if you use Acronis Secure Zone "ALWAYS" use a full backup and not incremental. That way the backup is always there, if you use incremental it's OK until secure zone runs out of space, and by default deletes the first full backup which renders all the incrementals useless.

  rawprawn 17:23 27 Nov 2007

PS. Don't forget to delete from the log any backups you have deleted from your disc. In case you get confused and try to restore them.

  Technotiger 17:48 27 Nov 2007

Assuming your back-ups are stored on an external hard drive as in my own case, I simply highlight the old back-ups I no longer want and then just delete them. I was using Incremental, but now use Differential - scheduled to run weekly. I have never used the so-called Secure Zone, as I have read cases in the past where this has caused problems.

  rawprawn 08:32 28 Nov 2007

Hi Technotiger, I have heard of the Secure Zone problem before, but I have never had a problem and I have been using it since TI 7.

  Technotiger 08:57 28 Nov 2007

Good morning, I am glad you have not had any problems with SZ, you are probably not alone in that either. But I am happy with how mine is working, so if *it aint broke, don't fix it* is my way of thinking.

  rawprawn 10:36 28 Nov 2007

Good morning, your advice is very sound.

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