AVG 9...Not impressed!

  six-h 15:55 19 Apr 2010

I finally updated from 8.5 and was initially impressed with the apparent speed of scans and the seemingly low cpu usage.
Although it now scans quater of a million less files than 8.5 did on a "Full" scan, I suppose that missing out "archived" files is safe.

A few days in and I'm finding some odd things.
The ammendment to the "Sceduled Scan" facility, allowing AVG to launch a scheduled scan on boot-up if the machine is not live at the pre-set time seems good, but I'm finding that I get one scan as soon as I boot-up, regardless of the time, followed by another scan at the scheduled time!
Today, I switched on at 14:15, a scan started at 14:20, finishing at 14:40, followed by a sceduled scan at 15:00.........so much for saved resources!

Rashly, I also updated my laptop to AVG 9 as well and it totally cripples the poor machine for the duration of the scan which takes 55-65mins, and that is set at "Medium", I think it would melt the processor if I turned up the wick!

  Blackadderthe4th 16:32 19 Apr 2010

Try the new Avast, much improved, but I now use wins MSE.

  birdface 16:38 19 Apr 2010

Switch the automatic scan off and run it manually.It will take about 10 seconds of your time.

  six-h 16:41 19 Apr 2010

Blackadderthe4th, I was considering using MSE particularly for the Lappy since it only has a Celeron 2Ghz processor but was hoodwinked by the supposed streamlined AVG 9.
It seems to be all smoke and mirrors though!

  six-h 16:46 19 Apr 2010

buteman, I suppose that would be one solution, but what concerns me more is that the scan that "starts with the machine", takes up 97% of CPU on my desktop machine running an E8400 chip, it's impossible to do anything else whilst the scanner is running and that can't be right.
God alone knows what would happen if I set it to "High".
I just think that there is something radically wrong with AVG 9

  birdface 17:08 19 Apr 2010

Stop the scan at start up like i said and run it manually.
You can run the scan when you are going out or going for dinner and it has a box that you can tick to power down the computer when scan is finished.
Is it an oldish computer.My old computer used to be the same using almost 100% of the CPU.
You can set it to low but it will take ages.
Maybe turn off the Link Scanner as that can be a bit of a hog.
If not happy with it try some others until you get one that works better.
but once again if an oldish computer you will probably still get the same problem.
Just go into scheduled scans and untick Enable this task.Apply Ok.

  six-h 17:25 19 Apr 2010

buteman, My PC was built in July 07, and runs an intel E8400 dual core CPU, so probably would be considered "old" in tech terms!
I however, am the product of an earlier age and see this as the mere blink of an eye :o)
As I say, AVG 9 commands a crippling 97% of cpu during a "medium" priority scan, where as a similar scan with 8.5 caused mild turgidity.
My Laptop on the otherhand IS old (and decrepit) but was able to manage 8.5 scans reasonably well, AVG 9 however reduces it to a stuttering heap!

  birdface 17:42 19 Apr 2010

All i can think of is maybe you did not remove the 8.5 version properly.
Maybe remove AVG using Revo Uninstaller and when installing the latest version install it without the link scanner.
If it still does not work properly Remove it and try something else.

  birdface 17:49 19 Apr 2010

What Anti-Spyware programs do you have and how much of the CPU do they use when you run them.
3year old computer have you gave the inside of the computer a good clean out especially around the fans and CPU.Just wondering if maybe it was overheating a bit but if your anti-virus programs don't use a lot of the CPU it must be an AVG problem.

  jimmer409® 19:04 19 Apr 2010

got rid of avg ages ago, resorce hog, try the new avast free version, totally new interface (done away with thee hokky cd player look) and i think you will be impressed.

  six-h 16:53 20 Apr 2010

Hi guys, sorry, I kinda lost my grip on yesterday :o)
buteman: as advised by AVG, I just downloaded the update to ver 9 without uninstalling 8.5 at all.
There is now a small folder for ver 8.5 with a couple of log files in it.
The only thing I did do was to delete the dropdown "upgrade" box, 'cos it got on my pip!
Regarding other progs, The guy that was my "Guru" was something of a minimalist, when he built this PC, he just installed AVG, so I don't have AVGAS, Adaware, Spybot, or Spywareblaster that I previously used!
The only other protection I have is the Outbound Windows firewall, and the router's hardware firewall.
I have posted my gripes on the AVG Forums, and one of the "Team" has asked me to install GMER and let them have a scan report.
I've not yet done this since what I've read on the net about GMER is a little disturbing!
System crashes etc.

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