AVG 9 wont acknowledge renewal fee

  Diemmess 11:15 30 Mar 2010

I have a friend (nearly ninety) who has upgraded his all bells and whistles AVG from v8 to v9.
He also paid his renewal fee at the same time which I think was his worst mistake!

Fortunately/unfortunately, he has other friends who tried to help and had done most of the work after he ran into trouble.

All sorts of errors, which I was able to iron out with a 20 mile journey. His other friends had given up after a 2hr "exasperation" by phone.

He has printed copies of both licence numbers before and after upgrade. and now green ticks for all the components.

The problem is - A warning that he only has 27 days left to renew his subscription having just paid online!

Can anyone give a link or a step by step method of activating the already paid renewal sub?

  rdave13 11:19 30 Mar 2010

Is this any help? click here

  Diemmess 12:02 30 Mar 2010

Thanks, it probably is exactly what we want.
The comfort is that at least I had the upgraded version into FWO.

He is away for the rest of the day and I've emailed that link. We'll see what he can do.

Poor old chap was in quite a state when he phoned me last night. Changed dramatically while I was there, and now knows he still has a few weeks to sort the money out!
The fact that his eyesight is poor, dosen't help matters.

  rdave13 12:07 30 Mar 2010

Hopefully their customer support via email can sort it out for him.

  northumbria61 13:09 30 Mar 2010

If you right click on AVG icon in the taskbar and open the AVG User Interface - click on HELP - then REACTIVATE - insert the correct license number - then click ACTIVATE.

This should do the trick.

There is a difference between "Register Now" and "Reactivate"

  Sea Urchin 13:24 30 Mar 2010

This happened recently to an elderly neighbour of mine - he failed to copy the licence number from the old to the new installation during the renewal, and was issued with a new one. It then didn't detect that he had paid for an update.

After several attempts I managed to sort it out by repeating the installation process with the correct licence number inserted.

  Diemmess 15:22 30 Mar 2010

..... please keep them rolling.

  Diemmess 10:31 31 Mar 2010

Knowing he had visitors during the afternoon, I sent him an email with rdave13's link, meaning to phone him this a.m. and talk him through it or use the later advice from this thread.

I found an email late last night where he seems to have started agin and fed the new licence number in first and it all went through without a hitch.

He presumably accepted the comment that he was due to pay, and used the right links in the proper order.

The moral of this seems to be "one thing at a time" and reboot whenever a goal is reached.

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