AVG 9 OK to install now???

  compumac 12:58 15 Feb 2010

I am running AVG V8.5 Free. Has the dust now settled in respect of the problems that were about when it was first issued?
AVG 8.5 is taking about four hours to do a scan on my PC with 200G + 500Gb hard discs.

  birdface 13:19 15 Feb 2010

Just download it over the top of the old version.
Unfortunately the more you have on your computer the longer it will take.
You can always set it to fast scan that should do it a bit quicker.
I usually set it to manual scan and then you can set it to power down the computer when the scan is finished.
Ideal if you are going out anywhere.
To set it to scan and power down the computer just press computer scanner.

  birdface 13:24 15 Feb 2010

Sorry hit the wrong button.

To set it to scan and power down the computer just press computer scanner.

Additional scan settings.

Shut down computer on scan completion.

Also when in computer scanner shift the slider to the right that sets it to quick scan.

  compumac 13:47 15 Feb 2010

Thanks for that. Scan already set to Fast. But have all V9 problems put to bed?

  birdface 13:57 15 Feb 2010

I don't hear many complaints now so can only imagine that the problems have been sorted .

  northumbria61 14:00 15 Feb 2010

I have used AVG for several years now I have been using V9 since November and not had any problems.

  Sea Urchin 14:18 15 Feb 2010

I installed version 9 on the day it was released - and it caused no problems whatsoever. A seamless changeover from 8.5

  compumac 14:54 15 Feb 2010

I only ask as there were various disparaging comments on the forum about version 9

  Blackadderthe4th 16:41 15 Feb 2010

Tried AVG 9 at least twice using Avast now. Which is upgraded, now a lot faster and better interface!

  SURVEY 17:29 15 Feb 2010

The reason that there are fewer disparaging remarks is possibly because, like me, AVG had no intention of helping their users of AVG 9 with their AVG 9 problems and we migrated to another AV. Like Blackadderthe 4th I now use Avast and find it to be efficient with no problems at all.

  Zak 19:01 15 Feb 2010

In FireFox:
Add ons
AVG Safe Search
AVG Toolbar

In IE8
AVG Security Toolbar
AVG Safe Search
AVG Security Toolbar BHO

With those add-ons running it slowed my browsing experience.

Also caused compastibility issues Trusteer Rapport

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