AVG 8.5 and Firefox

  Blackadderthe4th 11:26 30 Jan 2010

Firefox has just reported the AVG is not suitable, instability problems. I remember I upgraded to 9.0 some months ago and had nothing but problems so went back to 8.5. Any opinions?

  birdface 11:33 30 Jan 2010

Upgrade to 9.0 and see if it works ok.
Just Download over the top it will remove the older version first.

  Blackadderthe4th 13:32 30 Jan 2010

Tried to install AVG 9.0 and it failed half way through. So have download Avast and seems to be working. It looks different to the versions I used in the past! But I see 5.0 is out by earlier posts, so here's hoping!

  birdface 13:45 30 Jan 2010

AVG removal tool.

click here

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