Is AVG 8.0 CostingGoogleAdwordsAdvertisersMoney?

  AndyGold 21:20 18 Aug 2008

Hi, (Just call me Andy G). -

Is AVG 8.0 Costing Google Adwords advertisers money?

I read all the major UK computer / internet mags, as yet have not heard anyone-else discussing this issue.

Am I the only person who can see this problem with AVG?

My suspicions were confirmed when I read in an article, UK PC ADVISOR, issue 159, October 2008. (out early).

From the article...
Virus security software - AVG version 8.0 has a new SEARCH-SHIELD SCAN that site-owners are complaining about.

v8.0 AVG is recorded by many sites as a visitor, presenting itself as IE 6.0 making it difficult to filter AVG scans from legitimate visitors!

1, As an occaisional advertiser on Google Adwords using PPC, IS GOOGLE CHARGING ME FOR NON VISITORS- when AVG links-scanner (users) accesses ALL the links on a google search?

Guilty, I use AVG 8.0 myself - I notice that a green tick now appears on every link in Google searches, EVEN ON ALL THE PPC links on the right.

SO, to reiterate, do all these sites advertisers get billed per-click, as if they had been visited by a real person interested in their site?

Until I'm told otherwise by Google and AVG themselves, I think thousands of $'s may be being paid inadvertantly to Google, due from inaccurate clicks made from thousands of AVG users searching on Google!
Also, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Google looks out for advertisers, who repeatedly click on all their competitors links, in order to run up their competitors bills, (dispicably) costing them money and thus lowering profits.

2, If I repeatedly search google to see how my PPC ad link is displayed and popularity, position etc, then.. WITH AVG INSTALLED, won't Google think I'm trying to attack my competitors and ban me?

AVG and Google have not replied when I asked these questions over 2 weeks ago..

I wonder if PC ADVISOR might take up the questions with AVG and Google on my behalf?

Andy G 18th Aug 2008

P.S. Just showed this to a friend, who could not understand what I was going on about! Soooo...

Does anyone not understand that, with AVG 8 installed, if you search for 'mortgage' 10 organic links get visited and 9 of the 11 PPC Ads get visited (probably all 11). BY AVG v8.0

This costs the advertiser in PPC ads, and messes up statistical information - re -traffic.

Yet, I choose NOT to vist ANY of the links displayed.

Oh, says my friend, now I understand!

Andy G.

  Technotiger 21:37 18 Aug 2008

This article would be better in Speakers Corner - this is a Helproom!

  rdave13 21:49 18 Aug 2008

Surely McAfee site advisor does the same job as Linkscanner? If it does then you might have more issues?

  provider 2 22:34 18 Aug 2008

Maybe you had better read some of these:

click here

I believe they did modify Linkscanner in some way after its early version screwed up web traffic statistics.

  bobbybluenose 22:37 18 Aug 2008


  sinbads 22:48 18 Aug 2008

Can't see the point of this thread it happens all over the web, to be honest don't think many of us would be interested.

However, would be appreciated if you supported the forum and clicked on a few links -:)

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