AVG 8 and Spybot 1.5.2

  SURVEY 20:48 27 May 2008

For those on the forum who worried about the new versions of these programs, I decided to take the plunge and all is working well. However I did firstly create restore points then downloaded and saved both new programs to my desktop. I then uninstalled both, rebooted and then ran CCleaner. Rebooted. Ran both new files with the full installations rather than custom installing as not sure what to not install from the options. Then rebooted and updated the programs. I also have Spywareblaster taht soem have said conflicts but have not fond this so far. No freezes or apparent problems so far.

Is there anything that I ought to be aware of and tweak please?

  cocteau48 21:14 27 May 2008

I am very surprised that the registry scripts created by Spywareblaster when protection is enabled are not showing up on AVG 8.0 as Active X compatibility warnings when you run a scan with AVG.
These are only warnings and not threats and AVG cannot distinguish between the real spyware script and that created by Spywareblaster... and nor should it be able to if it is doing its job correctly.

  SURVEY 21:45 27 May 2008

cocteau - I am presently running a scan and will respond when this is completed.

I note that AVG 8 seems to have an anti-spyware interface plus email scanner, link scanner (what is this??) etc. Anti-spyware any good? Does this replace Adaware, spybot, spywareblaster?

Anything else I ought to be aware of?

  provider 2 21:56 27 May 2008

It looks as if the anti-spyware and ant-rootkit updates are to be discontinued for the free version anyway.

It`s not entirely clear what AVG is up to other than boost sales of the "commercial" version and AVG Internet Security.

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  cocteau48 22:10 27 May 2008

provider 2
AVG have discontinued AVG anti-spyware only as a separate program not as part of AVG 8.0 Free.
The anti-rootkit was never a part of AVG Free.

  provider 2 22:15 27 May 2008

Oh right, I understood it was but clearly haven`t read the specs properly. It`s definitely part of Avast! 4.8 now.

One or two problems with AVG 8.0 here though.

  provider 2 22:17 27 May 2008
  SURVEY 22:22 27 May 2008

I have now completed a first full scan. This found one item of Spyware (btwebcontrol.dll) that AVG moved to the Virus Vault. It also found 216 Warnings all under HKLM.....IE ActiveX Compatibility named infection trojan (such as Bmka)or Adware; however these are jsut warnings. Are these latter that are named as potentially dangerous object actually dangerous, are they the result of Adaware and similar definitions; as they have not been isolated by AVG can I assume they are safe or should I remove them?

Incidentally my scan took 1hour 17 minutes on a fairly full computer and I consider this to be similar to the AVG 7.5 scans.

  cocteau48 22:56 27 May 2008

Treat them as false positives.
There is absolutely no point in removing them as the next time you run the immunization in whatever anti-spyware program you are using it will just reinstate them.

  provider 2 23:08 27 May 2008

I think btwebcontrol.dll is part of their connection manager, not a virus but I suppose these things can be called anything the maker of web nasties chooses.

  SURVEY 08:52 28 May 2008

Thanks to you all for your advice and feedback.

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