AVG 8 Free - Update issues

  didbygraham 16:18 09 Jul 2008

I have the free version of AVG8 installed and all set up to perform its daily updates. It has gone well and have had no problems other than the long time it takes to scan my computer - but can live with that.
Just this last week though the daily update seems to require a full computer restart everytime, sometimes twice in the evening. Anyone else getting this problem? I rarely had to restart the computer before - it just makes it really annoying. I know I can just say no and ignore it - but you just keep getting reminders!

Not sire if maybe there is a setting I am missing or something?

  palinka 18:20 09 Jul 2008

I have free AVG 8 but haven't had your update problem. Perhaps delete and re-install (ensure copy is from AVGs own website).

  Salut 20:46 09 Jul 2008

It might be wise for you to do a search, many others have had similar problems.

I resolved mine by deleting the old and installing the new version.

No problems since then!

  didbygraham 22:06 09 Jul 2008

Thanks - I will try the delete and reinstall method to see if that works. Ive had two reboots already this evening!

  PaulEaston 08:42 10 Jul 2008

I've been having the same problem.

However, there is a cheat to avoid having to reboot everytime.

On the Overview page go to Update Manager

In Update Manager Settings - assuming it is set for 'Start Automatic Updates' with a specific time interval - click 'Save Changes' (you don't have to make any!) and the 'Restart' warning should clear.

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