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  porridge 21:21 27 May 2008

One of the reasons why I switched to AVG 8 from AVG 7.5 was the bumph which said that 8 was faster etc. So you can understand my disappointment when I tried a scan and it took more than three hours!!! The previous version took less than half that time. (I found Link Scanner disabled, and changed that to enabled before scanning. Could this be the reason why the scan took so long?)

Any advice will be appreciated.


  Horik 22:16 27 May 2008

No idea TBH....

My install of AVG 8 is quicker to do a complete scan than AVG 7.5.

  clock 10:23 28 May 2008

Like you I am finding AVG8 takes twice as long to do a scan, and, as I am not usually on my computer for hours on end, I'm having to stay switched on for scans to complete! Bit annoying! I've also noticed since installation that my computer takes slightly longer to start up and shut down, a minor irritation though!

I'm sorry I can't answer your query about Link Scanner, but if you look back on postings about AVG8 (and there are lots of them) you might find the answer.


  porridge 13:58 28 May 2008

Horik and Clock

Thank you for your reactions. I decided to disable the Link Scanner components back to its state when I first opened the program. I then scanned again and the time taken went down an hour on the first scan.

Of course there was a message saying that my machine was not wholly protected, so I am not sure that I did the right thing but I don't think a scan should take more than three hours, so I shall keep tring to found ou what seems to be wrong


  First Bass 16:14 28 May 2008

Same here. AVG8 took 7 hours to scan 100GB on a 1.7ghz processor. But it seems to be very thorough! See my post about Activex....

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