AVG 8: Can someone advise if it's working right??

  six-h 22:52 04 Feb 2009

Posted this Q. before, and didn't get the reassurance that I was looking for, (or not) so I'm re phrasing the questions I would like answered.
21st Jan, auto update advised connection failed, so I forced an update.
The resulting downloads offered were for AVG 7.5!!
Since AVG had turned it's self off, I had little choice but to accept them, and it carried on working, (as AVG 8).
Prior to this update, AVG would occasionally issue a "warning" when visiting various sites, including PCA.
Never anything else, only ever "Warnings".
Since the update, I still get the warnings, but on some sites, Yahoo Mail, Freecycle" and others, I now receive "Threat Removed" notices which I've never seen before.

Has anyone else noticed this has only just started happening??

The other change I've noticed since this update, is that when viewing the details of scan resulst, the first tab which used to list about six different categories of threat,infection,etc.
now only states: -
"No infection was found during this Scan"
or it states: -
"147 Warnings found"
or some other such number.

Has anyone else noticed this change??

I've asked these questions on the AVG Forum, but have only been advised to re install the programme, switching off Defender Etc. before doing it.
I'd rather not do that.
If these changes are legitamate, then everything is hunky dory, and I'd rather not chance upsetting anything 'cos my machine's otherwise running sweet!

  provider 2 23:16 04 Feb 2009

You`ll have noticed from the lack of responses and your visit to the AVG site that there are some problems with AVG 8.0 click here many of which keep recurring (updating, uninstalling, etc) and others that are new.

Still, if they have told you to switch off Defender and reinstall etc you should do that for the moderators` fixes are based on past experience of these problems.

I have to add that Avast is, by comparison, trouble-free (most of the time).

  six-h 23:38 04 Feb 2009

Thanks provider 2, I accept that AVG seems to have it's problems for some.
However, I've been lucky, aside from this episode I've had no problems with it, and would not ditch it without good reason.
I'm not yet convinced that the behaviour I've described is a malfunction, since no one using it will directly answer the questions I've posed!
As I say, AVG Forum also dodge the questions, and advise me to uninstall and re-install as if it's a cure-all.
In my experience this kind of action can cause as many problems as it cures!!
I'll hang on in, in the hope that a current user can answer my questions.

  brundle 23:44 04 Feb 2009

It doesn't detect root-kits, and the other free antivirus products do. I've used and recommended AVG for years, but since fixing 2 computers that had rootkits which AVG failed to warn about, plus the increased resource requirements and problems provider 2 mentioned above, my confidence in it has evaporated. Avast or Antivir from now on.

  provider 2 23:51 04 Feb 2009

Agreed. That`s probably the best thing to do.

I`ll just add that for many people the experience of AVG 8.0 seems to have been very different from years of reliable service from AVG 7.0 and 7.5 if the comments in the free forum are anything to go by, and if you stick by the idea that nothing gets fixed unless it`s not working, then the list of fixes for AVG 8.0 since it was first introduced is quite worrying.

click here=

  MAJ 00:01 05 Feb 2009

I haven't had any of the problems you mention, six-h, at the moment I'm using Vista, but I had a neighbour stop me earlier and say that he was having problems with it, update problems mostly. I have been meaning to move back to Avast until things have been sorted out in AVG 9, just haven't got round to it yet.

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