AVG 7.5 question

  gazmix 16:45 29 Nov 2007

On my old AVG, in the taskbar, the 4 coloured square logo would be grey & when i double clicked it, it would show security status & after a while, some of the green checked boxes would develop a red cross & i'd know wether to update or not!

Now this doesn't happen, they stay green ticked all the time & i'm not sure which item is out of date. Update manager, Virus database etc!
I think i have accidentaly checked on something that is preventing the Security status window showing the real status as when i update, it shows updates are needed!
Maybe if i uninstalled & reinstalled, it would reset all what i may have accidentaly messed up!
Any advice appreciated

  Totally-braindead 16:57 29 Nov 2007

It sounds to me like its not updating, as I'm sure you know the box being grey means its out of date.
Personally I would download the latest AVG free, delete the old one and reinstall it.

  gazmix 18:50 29 Nov 2007

It is the latest version, but i recall a fiew buttons pressed in the scheduled updates area!

In service>scheduled daily updates, what should be checked!
I don't want it to update itself every day, i want to be notified as to what needs updating, virus database, update manager etc!

Before, the grey box i'd click & see what needs updating, now it's been coloured for a week or so, not telling me what is out of date!!!

  mfletch 19:07 29 Nov 2007

Hi, Right click on AVG icon and click on Launch AVG free control center,

When it opens has EVERYTHING got a green tick next to it?


  gazmix 19:26 29 Nov 2007

Yes, everything has a green tick:-

Resident Shield
Virus Vault
Update Manager
Shell Extension
Email Scanner (but thats off as i use Mailwasher)

They have been green for ages, like a fortnight, but every fiew days, i click on update & it finds updates & installs them!


  mfletch 19:33 29 Nov 2007

Hi, Right click AVG icon then click on,

Launch AVG Test center

Click on scheduler

Double click on {Update plan in basic mode}

You can set the update time from there,


  p;3 20:04 29 Nov 2007

even if you use Mailwasher it is VITAL to keep the email scanner in AVG active ; this part monitors the emails you DO receive or send and , with it switched OFF you have no idea if you are downloading a nasty to your computer

OR, maybe you do not understand how mailwasher 'works'?

PLEASE activate the e mail scanner part of the avg program

  gazmix 23:49 29 Nov 2007

Yeh mfletch i done that & i set it for between 2 times 8am& 9am. I'm not online then. I can't set it for a specific time as i'm not sure a time i'm gonna be online each day!

With my old version of AVG, when clicked on the grey AVG icon in taskbar, it would show me what was out of date(via no green ticks)& then i'd update & then all ok.
Now it shows green all the time!

When i use Mailwasher, it conflicts with AVG mail scanner & they don't work together, have had to disable a plugin before to enable MW to work, so i disabled AVG mailscanner so Mailwasher works. It won't let me use it with Mailwasher! I know what comes to Mailwasher & if its crap, i delete or go to my Webmail & call it as spam & i don't get it again.

Any advice on the top AVG issue please

  p;3 04:39 30 Nov 2007

I use a version of mailwasher and it does not conflict with avg7.5

I think you are very ,very unwise to turn off the e mail scanner part of avg; mailwasher is a line of defence in the spam fight, BUT there is NO WAY that that program can detect viruses in your emails so you could well be downloading infections to your pc

the fact that you have turned this element OFF could be the reason why you have problesm with the program

however; you could try running a repair of avg

click here

choose section
download this
click here

and follow the on-line prompts

IF you would like a link to a version of mailwasher that does seem to be compatible with avg, please ask ;you are leaving yourself open to infections by NOT scanning all incoming mails with your antivirus program

  p;3 04:58 30 Nov 2007

of interest, whcih version of mailwasher are you using?

click here=

however, it is your computer and your choice if you choose to run with the antivirus e mail scanner switched off ; one just hopes you do not get infected

when did you last run a full deep scan (including all e mails) of your computer with avg?

  beeuuem 05:32 30 Nov 2007

In AVG Control Centre > Scheduled tasks > if you
select the option to edit the update task it then gives you the options to set a regular update time OR alternatively 'If internet connection is not available, check when it goes online'
This will allow AVG to check for updates when you start up you computer /internet connection.
If it is not allowed to connect by this means or a regular check it will say everything is OK (green ticks) because it hasn't been allowed to see if updates are available.

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