AVG 7.0

  Digital 10:32 14 Oct 2004

Is anyone having problems with AVG 7.0.280 and Netscape 7.2? I updated AVG (Professional)last night & now I get a little pop-up window saying the AVG e-mail scanner POP3 proxy is connected to my ISP but no activity occurs. IE6 is OK. Also ALT + F4 closes Netscape instead of bringing up the system shut-down menu.

  Digital 11:08 15 Oct 2004

Problem solved! It was caused by Grisoft including a new e-mail scanner in with the latest update but not telling anyone that the ports needed changing back to the default values.

  Digital 11:25 15 Oct 2004

Forgot to add that it was Grisoft's tech support who solved the problem (by e-mail). They are very helpful.

  Sethhaniel 11:48 15 Oct 2004

lost is the 'check removable drive' button which you now have to manually select from Menu Bar dropdown - but will persevere ;)

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