AVG 7 E mail scanner problem

  whybe 16:21 22 Nov 2004

I have just set up AVG7 on a friends computer. Windows ME, Norton Firewall 2002 and although the installation seemed to go alright we are getting a repeating problem. On start up of PC when all is loaded we keep getting a rotating AVG icon in the system tray with a pop up window saying email scanner. It then dials out using a dial up connection. All updates have been manualised so there should not be any automatic connection. How can I stop this dial out on start up? Any help gratefully received.

  john-232317 16:27 22 Nov 2004

The rotating icon is when it is scanning email, so maybe your email proggy is dialling up, check its settings.

  palinka 16:28 22 Nov 2004

If I've understood aright, I had same problem on a friends pc. Go to Control Center in AVG; click scheduler, then scheduled tasks, then click Edit schedule and remove the tick in "If internet connection not available...." Click OK.
Also, check the time period you've set for updates (in same window)

  john-232317 16:32 22 Nov 2004

Link from djohn may cover it....

click here

  Djohn 17:42 22 Nov 2004

Right click on AVG Icon and select, "Launch Control Centre" Click on "Update manager", then left click "Properties". Remove the dot from "Update on next restart" This should calm things down a bit.

Then click on scheduler, scheduled task, Highlight the second Item in the window. "Update plan in the basic mode" Click on "Edit Scheduler" and pick a time to update from the selection offered. :o)

  john-232317 18:44 22 Nov 2004

You are turning into a handy AVG 7 guru ;-))

  whybe 19:48 22 Nov 2004

Many thanks all of you for your help. Djohn I think you may well have hit the nail on the head. I'm off now to try your suggestions and will report back later. Thanks. W

  whybe 21:29 22 Nov 2004

I have tried your suggestions and checked OE6 settings. Emails are been sent normally but then after PC has been switched off and then back on again a spinning AVG icon appears in the system tray and a pop up window saying E Mail Scanner appears and it dials out. Djohn if I remove the dot from 'Update on Restart' it defaults to the section 'Update Immediately' which does not seem to allow an option not to have an automatic update. So if anyone has some more suggestions, I will be pleased to hear.

  palinka 20:13 23 Nov 2004

whybe, it may be of interest to hear that I had so many problems with AVG7 (conflicting with MSGTAG chiefly) that I have regretfully abandoned AVG in favour of Avast4.
Remains to be seen whether there will be any conflicts there.

  whybe 20:40 23 Nov 2004

Thanks very much for your reply. I must admit I'm inclined to agree with you. I have gone through all the AVG settings again and the one option it doesn't seem to give is to update manually. An automatic update is not a problem for we who have 'always on' broadband but a distinct nuisance for my friends dial up. I mentioned the possiblity of changing to Avast and I await a reply. To this end I will regard this problem as solved. Thanks to everyone.

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