maz2 22:46 11 Nov 2004

Can anyone tell me if this automatically configures itself to scan e-mail through OE or do you have to do something with it yourself, I'm not using it but some friends have it installed and as I usually have to sort it out if something goes wrong I'd like to be forewarned Thanks

  Bagsey 22:53 11 Nov 2004

I have just installed it and all was automatic setup. It looks good and imediately found a nasty on my machine that I knew nothing about.
Nice one Grisoft.

  maz2 23:00 11 Nov 2004

Thanks for that it was just that if something went wrong I'd most probably get the blame Cheers

  Buchan 35 23:06 11 Nov 2004

covering your 6 o`clock again maz2?

  TommyRed 23:15 11 Nov 2004

I had a problem with the e-mail scanner, resolved after re-boot click here HTH TR

  Bapou 23:32 11 Nov 2004

May be worth your while checking E-mail Scanner settings.

Open Control Centre,Double Click on E-Mail Scanner box, A dialogue box appears, click on Configure, In E-mail Scanning choose if you wish for your incoming and outgoing to be Certified.

The Outgoing box in mine was not checked and I prefer my recipients see at the end of the message AVG certifying all is well.

You may wish to do the same.

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