[DELETED] 14:08 14 Feb 2006

Hi All,
Just done a scan with avg (free) on 98 and result has shown 4 files by the name of,

kernel32.dll reading error F drive
wsock 32.dll ,, ,, ,,
user 32.dll ,, ,, ,,
shell 32.dll ,, ,, ,,
ntoskrn 1.exe ,, ,, ,,

can anyone tell me what they are and what i do with them.


I am running 2HD which are 98+XP, did a scan on XP and nothing showed in results.

  [DELETED] 14:21 14 Feb 2006

These are all needed system files, tarmac. Don't try to get rid of them. i don't know why AVG should flag them up as suspect. Maybe someone else can help...

  [DELETED] 20:10 14 Feb 2006

seems odd that AVG should flag them as suspect. I use AVG and never had anything like this; anyone else with any ideas? Notice they're on the F drive which also seems odd.

  [DELETED] 20:14 14 Feb 2006

tarmac I'm a bit puzzled as well, these are needed windows files, I also can't understand why they would appear on your F drive they should be on the C drive.
Is this a new installation of AVG or have you had it for a while and it is only seeing these "suspect" files now?

  [DELETED] 20:17 14 Feb 2006

Wait, just reread the last line, you have XP on one drive and 98 on another, its possible that AVG is flagging this up because there will be two windows files with the same names albeit on different drives, I can't answer this myself as I don't have XP and 98 on my PC. See if someone with a dual boot system has noticed this.

  [DELETED] 20:19 14 Feb 2006

Isn't AVG reporting that it can't scan these files?

  [DELETED] 13:58 16 Feb 2006

Hi All,
Sorry that it has taken so long to reply,
I,ve just done another scan on 98 and problems are still there,What i forgot to mention in last posting was that AVG does a scan on boot up and shows no viruses, In response to VoG question,(,No report to suggest that no.)

  [DELETED] 13:59 16 Feb 2006

Download Ewido Anti-Malware trial version click here

When installing, under 'Additional Options' untick 'Install background guard' and 'Install scan via context menu'.

Launch Ewido by double clicking the icon on your desktop. The program will now go to the main screen. You will need to update Ewido to the latest definition files. On the left hand side of the main screen click update then click on Start Update.

Then select 'Settings'. Under the bottom section 'What to Scan?' make sure 'Scan every file' is ticked. Select 'OK' and you will return to scanning options. Click on Complete System Scan and the scan will begin. This scan can take quite a while to run.

While the scan is in progress, you will be prompted to clean the first infected file it finds. Choose 'Clean' (or 'Delete' if 'Clean' is not an option). Then put a tick next to 'Perform action on all infections'. Doing this enables the scan to proceed automatically until its completion. Click OK.

  [DELETED] 12:16 17 Feb 2006

Via e-mail

Thanks for all your help VoG, Problem is Ewido will not download on 98. Can you suggest another free download for 98. cheers.

It is best to respond on the thread rather than e-mail.

Sorry I didn't spot that you are on Windows 98 Try a couple of threse on-line scanners.

BitDefender Free Online Virus Scan
click here
Make sure you tick AutoClean under Scan Options.

Panda ActiveScan
click here
Make sure you tick Disinfect automatically under Scan Options.

Housecall at TrendMicro
click here
Make sure you tick Auto Clean.
When it completes, post back the full filename of any files that cannot be cleaned or deleted.

eTrust Antivirus Web Scanner
click here

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