Dirk Diggler 14:54 04 Feb 2006

How can I set up AVG Anti-virus to scan my email attachments as I am using Incredimail?

  Diemmess 15:18 04 Feb 2006

Having just installed systems on a new primary HD, and using Aol (which pretends not to use IE) AVG is enabled to scan email as well as all the other things.
I confess that yesterday in the initial istallation of one system the icon turned grey and insisted that email scanning was non functional!
I have done so much installing, configuring, and rebooting in this period that I can't remember how it returned to normal full cover.

Why not install it and check?
Do uninstall any other AV program first!

  Dirk Diggler 15:29 04 Feb 2006

I have AVG installed, and like you I get a message saying email scanner is not functional.

Was wondering how to configure the e-mail scanner for Incredimail

  summer27 15:30 04 Feb 2006

Dirk, like Diemmess I also have problems occasionally with AVG being non-functional for email scanning. I never know just exactly what puts it back to working correctly. I do know, however, that when I used Outlook Express for my email that AVG automatically scanned each email. Perhaps it will do this for Incredimail also. Either way, I believe it is a very good free program to use for everyday virus scanning.

  Batch 15:43 04 Feb 2006

This is often needed for OE, don't know if it is same for Incredimail.

Control Center - click on Email Scanner.

PlugIns Tab, click properties b(Brings Up Email Scanner Set-up)

On Servers Tab, make sure that the POP3 and SMTP servers do not have an * against them (* = disabled).

To enable, click modify and select Connection path in the tree and make sure "Activate this server and use for sending / receieving email" is ticked.

  Dirk Diggler 16:20 04 Feb 2006

Many thanks Batch - It now says email scanner is functional - Cheers

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