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AVG 2012 will not uninstall

  dangerus1 12:04 20 Dec 2012

I have tried to uninstall AVG 2012 prior to installing the 2013 version nothing happens, so I tried to install 2013 thinking it would install over 2012. I am now getting the message "Please wait until the current programme has finished uninstalling or changing" I left it and went for a cuppa,when I came nothing had happened. Any ideas please.

  northumbria61 21:02 20 Dec 2012

Jock1e - Re: Warranty.

If you have bought the product from Comet it is actually run by a third party company, called ExtraCare, part of The Warranty Group, and this is unaffected by the administration of Comet Group Limited.

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  dangerusone 22:48 20 Dec 2012

Northumbria61 PC is an HP G5208UK - OS Windows 7

I have done system restore and uninstalled the Epson PX730WD printer. I haven't used the AVG removal tool as I'm running chkdsk as Jock1e suggested at the moment but I will when that finishes. I am posting this from a netbook if you were wondering how I can post and run chkdsk at the same time.

Jock1e The PC/Netbook postings may explain the different login names. I have Malwarebytes but I have been lax in using it. I still think I will be getting in touch with the Warranty people on Friday morning as my confidence is going, I don't have you guys level of expertise and don't understand a lot of the technical terms. Old age and senile decay (as my family jokingly put it) I hope they are joking. ;-)

  dangerusone 22:56 20 Dec 2012

Sorry dr yes I did not see your posts before I started the chkdsk. I have come to the conclusion that AfterCare can sort it, that is what I paid for with the warranty.

I will post and keep folks informed as to the service I get from AfterCare as they have received mixed reviews.

  dangerus1 00:10 21 Dec 2012

jock1e I will run MalwareBytes but the chkdsk finished with "Hard drive failure is imminent, replace hard drive" After 9am I shall be in touch with the Warranty people, even if it seems to be healed I would still be wondering if something was lurking.

Thanks for all the help, I will keep you posted. This post may be as dangerus1 as I'm back on the desktop

  Secret-Squirrel 08:35 21 Dec 2012

" "Windows has detected a hard disk problem and "start the backup process" amongst the details given is "the following hard disks are reported failing" backup immediately, try not to use your computer until you have repaired or replaced your hard disk"

dangerus1, I think that message is being generated by the SMART monitoring system that's built-in to your hard drive. When it predicts imminent failure it alerts you with a warning. I'd recommend you backup your valuable personal files immediately, or even better, see if you can clone the entire drive as I'm almost certain it needs replacing.

I agree Dr Yes's comments - hammering the hard drive by doing disk checks and malware scans will shorten its life even further.

This problem has nothing to do with your AVG uninstall/reinstall attempts.

Good luck with everything.

  dangerusone 11:47 21 Dec 2012

Secret-Squirrel and Jock1e

The Desk top is packed away ready for collection Monday (Very helpful man at the Warranty Co). chkdsk finished and still came up with the same warnings. I am down to using my netbook, the only trouble it has no DVD writer and with all the videoing of the grandkids over Christmas I shall miss it. (May have to treat myself to a portable one, are they any good?)

Many thanks for all your help and I'll let you know how I went on when I get it back.

Enjoy the festive season everyone and thanks once again for the advice this time and others past.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:49 21 Dec 2012

Apologies Jock1e, I failed to spot the bit where the OP said "I've done a backup disk" - sorry.

" running security programs or the likes of chkdsk was immaterial."

I thought you may be interested in learning about what's triggering the OP's warning messages. It's nothing to do with malware, and chkdsk can't permanently repair a drive where the on-board SMART technology has detected that it's likely to suffer a catastrophic failure in the near future.

  Secret-Squirrel 11:50 21 Dec 2012

Thanks for the update dangerusone - hope you and your loved ones have a great Christmas :)

  dangerus1 22:43 20 Jan 2013

Update. I received the PC back from the warranty/repairers (Jabil of Coventry?) and it is OK but instead of having 2 hard disc drives as previous there are 3.

OS(C) - 97.6 GB ....Local Disc (D) - 355 GB ....HP-Recovery (E) - 12.3 GB

All my folders Documents/Music etc are in OS(C) and Local Disk (D) is empty. Before I start reloading stuff back on is there a way to combine (C) and (D) into one.

I was a bit cheesed off with the repairers as there was no communication not even when it came back. I would have been better saving my warranty money and when it went wrong taking it down to my local repair shop.

  dangerus1 06:41 21 Jan 2013

Hi Jock1e, I have just solved the problem by go to

Computer(R/Click)-Manage-Disk Management-R/Click on the graph of (D) and Delete- R/click on(C) graph and click extend. Seems to be OK now, back to 2 Disks.

Many thanks for the interest.

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