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AVG 2012 will not uninstall

  dangerus1 12:04 20 Dec 2012

I have tried to uninstall AVG 2012 prior to installing the 2013 version nothing happens, so I tried to install 2013 thinking it would install over 2012. I am now getting the message "Please wait until the current programme has finished uninstalling or changing" I left it and went for a cuppa,when I came nothing had happened. Any ideas please.

  northumbria61 12:21 20 Dec 2012

Download and use the SVG 2012 Uninstall tool - enter link description here

  northumbria61 12:22 20 Dec 2012

SVG - read AVG

  dangerusone 12:37 20 Dec 2012

Thanks for that Northumbria, it's one to bookmark. I managed to update to 2013 but everything is very slow and I pressed Control/Alt/Delete when it froze afterwards and got the message "The hard disc is in imminent danger of failure, make a recovery disc" I can't be sure that is the exact wording.

  northumbria61 12:43 20 Dec 2012

I have had AVG (paid for version) for several years now. For some people new versions will install over the top of the old one but personally I have always removed the old version first and then done a clean install of the new one.

  northumbria61 16:39 20 Dec 2012

Jock1e - thanks for that but have 11 months to go on current licence. I purchased 2012 version last year (same 4 user 2yrs) from Amazon for similar price - AVG were asking £68 for renewal. The only thing to remember if it is done this way is that you have to remove any previous version to avoid problems.

  dangerus1 18:28 20 Dec 2012

Sorry to trouble you guys again but I am beginning to think the problem is not with AVG, every time I restart I get the message "Windows has detected a hard disk problem and "start the backup process" amongst the details given is "the following hard disks are reported failing" backup immediately, try not to use your computer until you have repaired or replaced your hard disk. The only things I have done different to normal usage the last few days is - install an Epsom PX730WD printer and try and uninstall AVG. The PC is an HP 3 years old with no problems before this.

  dangerus1 18:32 20 Dec 2012

I should have mention that I made3 Recovery discs as advised by a HP message early on and I've done a backup disk as advised now. Would this restore Windows 7 OS in the event of needing a new hard drive

  dangerus1 18:34 20 Dec 2012

yes I had trouble getting on this site a few months ago and had to change my name.

  dangerusone 20:01 20 Dec 2012

In view of the warning message about the imminent failure of my hard drive I shall be on to the Comet helpline first thing am. I took an extended warranty out with them until 2014 which is covered by the Warranty Group (AfterCare) So hopefully I should be covered OK.

Jock1e The hard drive is only just over half full (Total space 500GB) but I will run chkdsk and see if anything comes up.

  northumbria61 20:54 20 Dec 2012

You haven't yet told us what you are using - PC or Laptop and O.S. Do you have any System Restore Points to a time just before your problem occurred?

Have you tried the AVG removal Tool? I think we need to try and eliminate your attempt to uninstall/install different versions of AVG first before looking for anything else.

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