AVG 2011 Xtac infection

  Terry Brown 11:02 20 Jun 2011

I have recently downloaded AVG 2011 and I am getting reports of XTAC Dropper trogan, when I open a program.This then deleles the EXE file for the program making it unusuable.

I have checked with Kaspersky, Adaware and Spybot and they all say clear.

On search for the XTAC , I found a program called eXterminate, which found about 20 entries for it, but (suprise) would not clear them unless I bought the program.

On the assumption that there is an infection and not a false reading leftover from my normal (Kaspersky) checker, Is there a FREE way top clear it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:04 20 Jun 2011

Stop Running Processes:

Kill these running processes with Task Manager: xtac.exe

Remove Files:

Remove these files (if present) with Windows Explorer: xtac.exe

  Terry Brown 20:57 22 Jun 2011

Thanks for you reply Fruit Bat/\O/\

On checking my computer that xtac did not show, however I downloaded and run the latest version of Adaware, and it found 5 copies of a Trogan Win32 tr.\er Agent, which it removed.

I re-checked again with Spybot and again with Adaware to be doubly sure and my system now appears to be clean.

What I want to know is :-

Why did my Kaspersky miss such a bad infection, and is it worth renewing it next time?


  birdface 21:22 22 Jun 2011

There is no security suite that will detect all problems.

If you are willing to pay for kaspersky why not also pay for a good Anti-Malware program and you will have less chance of any nasties downloading on to your computer.

My thinking is any free anti-virus program and a pay for Anti-malware program.

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