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AVG 2011 Probs

  tony-guitar 15:40 28 Oct 2010

It looks like others are having grief with this new version.In my case, internet is fine on all 4 accounts, but no-one can send e-mails, although we can receive them. I did a System Restore to the day before the download and no-one (except me!) could get online but emails work fine both ways. So i reversed the Restore and we're back to ok internet but can't send emails again. There is an error message now which reads:- The add-in "C/PROGRA~1\AVG\AVG9\avgxch32.dll" could not be installed or loaded. Any ideas guys? What about a uninstalling it all from 'add/remove programs'? - Tony

  The Kestrel 16:22 28 Oct 2010

Try uninstalling AVG using the freeware version of revo-unistaller from click here. It will remove all AVG entries from your registry. Then try re-installing AVG11. I did it this way when I installed AVG11 and so far all has been OK.

  tony-guitar 17:15 28 Oct 2010

Thanks guys, firstly to buteman, i tried turning off the email scanner but it made no difference, but to The Kestrel, i downloaded Revo Uninstaller, and its wicked. AVG 2011 GONE! Instead i downloaded Avast Free and everything's back to its Hunky Dorey self. Whether i keep Avast or not (looks a bit basic) i'll just wait and see. I'm just pleased its all back to normal

  tony-guitar 18:07 28 Oct 2010

Still ok!

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