rambus 21:03 06 Sep 2003

have just reformated and reinstalled win 98se everything is fine except that i can not get click here to load so can not download avg antivirus, is there a problem with the site, feeling exposed without antivirus.

  BillyBee 21:07 06 Sep 2003

site loads OK for me.

  rambus 21:12 06 Sep 2003

have just had another try on a differant computer and still will noy load. r u using click here BillyBee!

  Belatucadrus 21:14 06 Sep 2003

Try avast4 instead click here

  BillyBee 21:22 06 Sep 2003

Yes clicked on both the links you posted(same site) no probs, although everyone,s been having trouble downloading updates from grisoft for quit a while now.


  BillyBee 21:26 06 Sep 2003

try click here thats where all my updates come from now.


  BillyBee 21:27 06 Sep 2003

oops! wrong language, still my updates come through OK.

sorry Bill

  Djohn 22:18 06 Sep 2003

Just click on the little window on the left when you get to that link, gives you the choice of english. j.

  hssutton 23:13 06 Sep 2003

I downloaded AVG freeware this afternoon, no problems, but I am still awaiting the serial No. So I am in the same boat as you

  BillyBee 07:09 07 Sep 2003


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