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Averaging grades in Excel

  Tycho 20:35 10 May 2006

I would like a function that will calculate the average of a set of examination grades where the grades are stated as strings: A*, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

For example if a student does three test and gets A*, A, B the average would come out as B.

Has anyone written a VBA function for this or will I have to roll up my sleaves and try for myself?

In hopes


  Tycho 20:47 10 May 2006

Sorry. It wouldn't come out as B. It would come out as A.

I was thinking of the lookup table route but a custom functuion would mean that a less skilled user could build her own spreadsheets without having to add the tables.


  Tycho 22:21 10 May 2006

That's looking quite neat, thanks. I will now see how I can fit that into the existing format. Should be possible.

I will leave this thread open for a bit to see if anyone comes up with any other ideas to fire the little grey cells.


  Tycho 18:01 25 Jun 2006

In the end I decided to roll mhy sleaves up and write a little VBA function which did the job. You call it by entering into the cell =GRADEAVERAGE(<BLOCK>). Let me know if you are interested in recieving a copy (free, of course).


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