"Avenue A Inc

  Indigo 1 02:00 29 Nov 2003

This is really a note to the moderator but would be interested to know how may others are experiencing this.

Every time I log on to your site, I get a warning message pop up in the middle of my screen saying "SpyBot s&D has blocked the download of 'Avenue A Inc.'" ! Any idea what this is and should we be concerned ?

  Terrahawk 02:15 29 Nov 2003

Avenue A Inc is adware it tracks your internet usage so as to serve up adds that it thinks relevant to you, on the spybot front i didnt know you could actually block adware with it i use spyware blaster that sits quietly in the background doing its job, and then i use adware and spybot s&d to do a scan every so often to make sure nothing has crept in

  Indigo 1 02:19 29 Nov 2003

yeah it popped up as an option when I was configuring it, cool eh?
I use AdAware and Pest Patrol too, what one misses the others pick up.

  Indigo 1 02:30 29 Nov 2003

Is this embedded in the site ie; do PC A know of this or is it unauthorised ?

  Jester2K II 10:27 29 Nov 2003

Its authorised.

Just go into Spybot, Immunise, And change the setting under "Browser Helper to Block Bad Downloads" to Block all downloads silently.

  johnnyrocker 10:30 29 Nov 2003

the d/load is not on the pca site it is random on the net because that is what fooled me with friends re united and it can easily leave one thinking it is from the site one is on at the time which is not the case.


  Indigo 1 11:52 29 Nov 2003

You are right of course, it's so easy to assume these things are from the site you are visiting. Doh!

Strangely it has stopped popping up now.

  VoG II 11:56 29 Nov 2003

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