User-637845DF-0B9F-46E2-90B7AABEC7262D6D 17:56 06 Sep 2005

Hi guys,
Assistance if possible. When I start up my login on Winxp pro, it takes an age to load up my start up menu. Checking processes in system manager I have AVENGINE.EXE Which seems to be soaking up all my processor until it is fully loaded. This can take 2 mins sometimes. I believe it is related to Panda software which is my default antivirus software. (I shall also enquire with Panda but they take an age to answer just like there software takes to load!) I have tried unticking a start up program in msconfig relating to Panda but it either has no relevance to avengine or it continues to load anyway. Does anyone have any ideas to prevent this loading at start up without having to remove software totally??


  Klof Ron 18:13 06 Sep 2005

Try this click here

  dave_and_confused 00:11 07 Sep 2005

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