AVCHD Files (again!)

  jrsee 18:49 28 Apr 2011

Firsly, I should say that I have looked at the numerous threads on this topic, but most are quite old, and none seem to precisely answer the questions I have.

I have had a Panasonic Lumix FZ35 camera for just over a year, and have many MST videos files taken with the camera. I have installed PhotoFun studio which came with the camera, but it does not recognize the files which I have transferred to an external hard drive (via a card reader using 'drag and drop') - I have copied the whole 'tree' structure of files.

From talking to a friend, I understand that for Photofun to recognize the files, I should have connected the camera (with memory card inside) to my PC - what bright spark designed that bit of software?? All the files on the memory card are on my hard-drive, so what's the difference? VLC reads and plays the MST files (3 levels down the tree in the STREAM folder), which means I can play them on my PC, but what I want to do is write them to DVD to play on my TV. At this stage, I don't want to do any editing, although in future I will do.

I do not want to pay for any program, at least until I can be sure it will do what I want (although what I really want is for PhotoFun to do what it should; all it does is start up - very slowly - when I put a memory card in my USB card reader, which I find exceedingly irritating; I suppose I should simply uninstall it, but why do photography programs insist on grabbing every image and indexing them?).

I thought I had the answer with the January cover disc - Movie Edit Pro 15 Silver (Full Program), since along the bottom, there was the AVCHD logo (although it didn't mention 'Lite' - I don't know if that's significant). Unfortunately, as soon as I use this program to try and open an MTS file, I am told I need to enter an Activation Code to download the Codec to read MPEG4 files (is that what MTS are?). I could not download the Activation code online, so I spoke to Magix (the software owners) who told me that this version is a Trial version (is that different from 'FULL PROGRAM'??), and it is not possible to add Codecs, so I feel rather cheated (even though it's only 'free' software). ANY COMMENTS PC ADVISOR?

Anyway, I would be grateful if anyone could recommend any free software which would allow me to create DVDs playable on 'normal' DVD players from my MTS files. I do have one program which works (can't remember the name) except it puts nag screens in between each movie - I could pay for the full version, but as far as I remember it doesn't allow editing, and ultimately I will want a program that does editing too.

Apologies for the length.


  lotvic 20:01 28 Apr 2011

This free program seems to be what you're looking for Total Video2Dvd

How to Burn AVCHD Format to a Standard DVD Disc ClickHere

  eedcam 22:26 28 Apr 2011

I have no prob using a card reader to transfer files but I dont use drag and drop also is your card reader the correct type they dont all work withavchd .As for converting you caould try any video convertor its free But really Photo fun should do it .Dont foget you can also burn the avchd as is to a standard dvd that wil play on a bluray player


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